[VIDEO] The Value of Sales Intelligence vs Data

Not all data is created equal. Learn how the data in your system turns into verified data and intelligence through the process of human-verification.

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The Most Untapped Leverage Point For B2B Growth

In B2B, there’s one commonly overlooked weakness that, if cultivated, can be converted into invincible, hulk-like strength — the quality of your data.

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What does success look like for a Sales Ops Director?

How to Succeed as a Sales Ops Director

As a relatively new field, people in Sales Ops are often left with the task of evangelizing their own value to internal stakeholders.

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DiscoverOrg Building Sign

DiscoverOrg in 2015: The People, The Place, The Market Position

At DiscoverOrg, growth is the theme of 2015. As we expand, we are helping more business-to-business companies across the globe generate sales, compete, and grow.

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Three Reasons Your Sales Quota Didn't Get Met

Why You Didn’t Meet Your Quota Last Quarter – Part 1

Three of the most important factors that go into meeting your quarterly quota: The health of our pipeline, The performance of our messaging, The effectiveness of our strategy in navigating sales cycles.

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Oppalerts: Predictive Sales Intelligence DiscoverOrg

OppAlerts: Powerful, Real-Time Predictive Sales Intelligence

Insight is a must-have ingredient of any effective prospecting strategy. The more you know, the more effective you and your sales team will be. Knowledge is power, right?

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Sales Leads DiscoverOrg

3 Steps to Making Hay ($$) From the Leads You’ve Been Nurturing

How Good Data Can Help You Harvest a Bumper Crop We’re into harvest season. That goes for sales people as well as farmers. Throughout the year we plant seeds, nurture opportunities, and now, it is harvest time. You have been nurturing some of your most promising leads for months, and perhaps working the same contacts

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Cold Calling DiscoverOrg

How Can You Prevent Cold Calling Objections?

Guest blog from Vorsight’s Steve Richard The answer to that question is simple: Don’t be a sales person during a cold call. The only goal for a cold call is to get a meeting. So instead of selling, at this point your main objective is proving the value of continuing the conversation. Let’s first look at

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Direct Dial DiscoverOrg

The Best Sales Tip You’ll Ever Get: Understand the Power of Direct Dials

This week our sales team closed out Q1 with some of the highest numbers we’ve recorded yet. We gathered in the hall to celebrate, and I took a minute to reflect on our growing success over the past 11 months that I have been here. Without ignoring the top-notch team that we have in place

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Clean Data DiscoverOrg

Why Cheap Data is Actually Really Expensive

When choosing a data vendor or service it’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at the acquisition cost of that data versus the real cost. The temptation to buy data at pennies per contact – especially when you have limited resources – can be overwhelming. We’d like you to reevaluate this practice, and

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