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Meeting Prospects DiscoverOrg

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone

“When you absolutely have to reach someone very important, how do you do it?” That was the question I asked many of the world’s top sales thought leaders over the past year, as I researched for my new book, How To Get A Meeting with Anyone: The Untapped Power of Contact Marketing (BenBella Books, 2-2016).

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Kendra Lee DiscoverOrg

Guest Post – Email Your Prospects Where They Live

Did you watch our sales and marketing efficiency webinar earlier this year? Email Power Prospecting with Kendra Lee, sales expert and author of The Sales Magnet. For a sneak preview – check out the video below! “If you’re not segmenting email campaigns based on where prospects live, I’ve got bad news for you: Your response rates

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Email Personalities DiscoverOrg

6 Email Personalities to Avoid if You Want People to Like You

This blog originally appeared on the KLA Group’s Blog on September 25, 2014. For those of us who have been in sales for longer than a decade, it’s easy to sometimes long for the days when customers waited until they met you (or conducted several phone calls with you) to decide whether they liked you.

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Best 2014 Blogs DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg’s 15 Most Essential (Don’t Miss) Blogs of 2014

We would like to send a special thanks to you all for making 2014 an incredible year at DiscoverOrg. Throughout the year, we have extended our award-winning sales intelligence offering in many ways, and enjoyed delivering a toolset that helps users be more successful than they knew was possible. Over the past year, DiscoverOrg has:

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Close Sales DiscoverOrg

12 Tips to Close End of Year Sales Fast

This guest post was originally posted on the KLA Group It’s December! For most sales reps and sales managers that means it’s crunch time for achieving your sales goals. With just weeks left in the year, you need to close sales fast, but don’t want to appear desperate. Here are 13 strategies you can use

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Cold Leads DiscoverOrg

Don’t Look Past “Cold” Leads

Guest post by David Sill I enjoyed a series of great webinars hosted by when they put on a groundbreaking virtual summit for the inside sales profession.  One great content session after another.  In a session by Matthew Dixon, the co-author of The Challenger Sale, the point was made that in today’s buyer-empowered sales

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