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Marketers need better data management

Marketo Connector: Big Changes for a Favorite Data Management Tool

Our enhanced Marketo Append & Clean integration is about one thing: simplicity. You know that time you would have spent building and maintaining your database? Here’s your formal invitation to spend your time actually marketing instead.

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what fuels high growth companies?

[VIDEO] Top Qualities of High-Growth Companies: A Conversation with Henry Schuck

Our CEO, Henry Shuck, discusses our Growth Drivers Survey and reveals what fuels high-growth companies. The results may surprise you.

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Discoverorg is Raising the BAr | Q! Company Updates | Mia Hamm Quote

Raising the Bar: DiscoverOrg Q1 Recap

They say “change is the only constant” and that couldn’t be more true than at DiscoverOrg.

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Prospecting Email eBook DiscoverOrg

Turn Your Prospecting Email Into a Sales Super Hero

Do you send out emails as part of your B2B prospecting strategy? Do you aim to be the #saleshero of your team, filling your pipeline with highly targeted prospects? Well, then this free eBook, the Super Hero Life of your Prospecting Email, is right up your alley. (And, by alley we mean a dark one

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Sales Leads DiscoverOrg

Why You’re Not Going to be Able to Grow Sales This Year

A year ago, if you had asked me what my biggest concern was around growing DiscoverOrg 60-100% annually, I would have told you that hiring great sales talent was our biggest roadblock. In the last year our Sales Leaders, Patrick Purvis and Steven Bryerton, through a rigorous interviewing, recruiting, and testing process have managed to

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echogravity DiscoverOrg

echogravity Highlights the Benefits of IT Staffers Using Sales Intelligence

echogravity discusses how going beyond the minimalist strategies of utilizing data can help maximize your sales intelligence investment.

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Outbound Prospecting DiscoverOrg

Don’t Waste My Time (and Don’t Waste Yours, Either)

6 Actionable Steps to Improve Your Email Prospecting Prowess I spent a snow day a couple of weeks ago deleting unread marketing emails. For hours. Most of these emails I deleted almost instantaneously.  Most of them I had discarded mentally when they first arrived by just looking at the subject or the first line of

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Lead Quality DiscoverOrg

Guest Blog – How to Tackle Lead Quality and Velocity BEFORE It Hits Your DB

This post was written by Scott Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer of Integrate. It originally ran on the Marketo blog on 2/2/15. This post, and other marketing insight posts, can be found on the Integrate blog.  Let’s face facts—marketers have become complacent with poor-quality prospect and customer data. According to a SiriusDecisions study, 25% of the average B2B

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Sales Intelligence DiscoverOrg

Trend Spotting: 2015 Sales & Marketing Intelligence

As we reach the end of the current year, our eyes turn to the New Year and contemplate what it might bring. DiscoverOrg recently pulled together a panel of three innovative CEOs to discuss data-driven marketing and its impacts on the sales process. Our own CEO, Henry Schuck, was joined by two others, Craig Harris

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Carolyn Hollowell DiscoverOrg

Marketo Webhooks for DiscoverOrg – Good Leads Are Not Just a Dream

Last week we announced our newest product release – Marketo Webhooks for DiscoverOrg – and I couldn’t be more excited. This product will help you deliver good leads while reducing lead conversation rates drastically, and as someone who has worked in sales and marketing for 20+ years, I can’t help but feel, well, envious. Envious

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