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Why Your 4 Paragraph Email Sucks

In the same way that the 30-second elevator pitch is extremely useful and effective, a concise email helps provide high-level intrigue and presents the speaker as a knowledgeable, wise, and a modern problem-solver.

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Account Based Marketing DiscoverOrg

The Future of Sales & Marketing: The Rise of ABM

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz about Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and also a lot of confusion. “It sounds a lot like outbound sales”, is something we’re hearing often. In a recent post, Sangram Vajre from Terminus responds to the three main statements below, made by Craig Rosenberg from TOPO, about Account-Based Marketing and explores

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Mobilegeddon DiscoverOrg

Does the Mobilegeddon Train Stop at Sales Junction?

In today’s business world, making sure your website and related pages are mobile optimized has become a huge factor in ensuring you are visible (and discoverable) to your audience. Even though this is becoming common knowledge many companies are still falling short: Forrester Research says that “just 38% of business websites are currently optimized for

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Turn Your Prospecting Email Into a Sales Super Hero

Do you send out emails as part of your B2B prospecting strategy? Do you aim to be the #saleshero of your team, filling your pipeline with highly targeted prospects? Well, then this free eBook, the Super Hero Life of your Prospecting Email, is right up your alley. (And, by alley we mean a dark one

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21 Do’s and Don’ts to Master Trade Show Prospecting

As a prospecting platform, trade shows can be a fantastic forum for generating demand, building relationships with your prospects and filling your pipeline. For starters, the audience is already pre-qualified – attendees are there because the event addresses a field where they have interest. Additionally, those who attend are often actively researching solutions to challenges

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Lead Generation DiscoverOrg

Pre-Show: 4 Steps to Maximize Trade Show Lead Generation

Planning for a trade show involves setting a thousand moving pieces into place. It can be a real puzzle, but when you get it all put together, it can be worth the big effort. While choosing the best promotional items and deciding on the color of booth carpeting can be exciting and fun, they won’t

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Outbound Prospecting DiscoverOrg

Don’t Waste My Time (and Don’t Waste Yours, Either)

6 Actionable Steps to Improve Your Email Prospecting Prowess I spent a snow day a couple of weeks ago deleting unread marketing emails. For hours. Most of these emails I deleted almost instantaneously.  Most of them I had discarded mentally when they first arrived by just looking at the subject or the first line of

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Lead Quality DiscoverOrg

Guest Blog – How to Tackle Lead Quality and Velocity BEFORE It Hits Your DB

This post was written by Scott Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer of Integrate. It originally ran on the Marketo blog on 2/2/15. This post, and other marketing insight posts, can be found on the Integrate blog.  Let’s face facts—marketers have become complacent with poor-quality prospect and customer data. According to a SiriusDecisions study, 25% of the average B2B

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Inbound Outbound Marketing DiscoverOrg

Balance is Everything: Integration is the Key to Balance Between Inbound and Outbound Programs

Successful people have mastered the art of balance. We think about balance all the time – work and play, diet and exercise – etc. And yet, when we talk about marketing, the discussion always seems to come down to inbound vs. outbound. When, in reality, it is far more productive to think about the proper

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Sales Intelligence DiscoverOrg

Trend Spotting: 2015 Sales & Marketing Intelligence

As we reach the end of the current year, our eyes turn to the New Year and contemplate what it might bring. DiscoverOrg recently pulled together a panel of three innovative CEOs to discuss data-driven marketing and its impacts on the sales process. Our own CEO, Henry Schuck, was joined by two others, Craig Harris

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