Low trade show ROI

3 Reasons for Low ROI from a Trade Show (with ways to improve)

Understand the 3 reasons for low ROI from a trade show and how to overcome them by taking steps before, during, and after the show.

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Tradeshow strategy DiscoverOrg

8 Steps to Successful Post-Trade Show Prospecting

You’ve just arrived home from a week of trade show exhibiting. You are tired, your head and feet still ache, and you are behind on all of your normal tasks. Hang on! It is not yet time to soak your feet or catch up with your team. Collecting leads at the show is only one

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Tradeshow Prospecting DiscoverOrg

21 Do’s and Don’ts to Master Trade Show Prospecting

As a prospecting platform, trade shows can be a fantastic forum for generating demand, building relationships with your prospects and filling your pipeline. For starters, the audience is already pre-qualified – attendees are there because the event addresses a field where they have interest. Additionally, those who attend are often actively researching solutions to challenges

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How to Leverage IT Industry News at Trade Shows

It is trade show season! Your booth is set up, your demos and collateral are all ready and you’re raring for the show to start. You’re likely to be meeting hundreds of people each day of the show – some prospects, some customers, and some folks who are just looking for a toy to bring

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Pre-Show: 4 Steps to Maximize Trade Show Lead Generation

Planning for a trade show involves setting a thousand moving pieces into place. It can be a real puzzle, but when you get it all put together, it can be worth the big effort. While choosing the best promotional items and deciding on the color of booth carpeting can be exciting and fun, they won’t

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Dreamforce: Top 5 Reasons to Come Visit Us in Booth #N1038

Next week, as we all know, is the long anticipated 12th annual Dreamforce conference and it’s time to nail down your plan for the four-day event. With over 135,000 people expected to attend, 1,400 educational sessions, charity events, parties, and more than 400 exhibitors, we know that you have your plates filled. Nancy Nardin of

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Keys to Tradeshow ROI: 10 Strategies to Maximize Your Return

Participating in tradeshows requires that you make a significant investment, so the temptation to cut corners is everywhere. But before you succumb to the temptation of creating “one-size” says it all booth graphics or investing in 10,000 squeezie toys emblazoned with your company’s logo, here are some tips to maximize your tradeshow ROI without compromising

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Want to Know How to Close Your Top Accounts by EOY? Join Us at Dreamforce 2013!

What salesperson wouldn’t jump at the chance to close his top prospect accounts by the end of the year? But how to get there – well, that can be another story. That is, of course, unless you join us at DreamForce 2013 in San Francisco, the world’s largest vendor-led technology gathering. There, I will be

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