What to do once you've got a board.

You Have a Board of Directors, Now What?

Running a company is hard enough as a CEO… Bringing in a board structure requires you to gain consensus and build relationships with strategic, motivated people who also have skin in the game.

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Moneyball For Sales DiscoverOrg

Moneyball For Sales

By Nancy Nardin Major league baseball season is off with a crack of the bat and people are gathering with lawn chairs to observe spring training for the minor leagues. This is the time when team managers will get their first glimpse into how well their newly recruited players will fair. Perhaps it’s a good

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IT Industry Alert: WellPoint Taps Coca-Cola Exec as New CIO

Last week WellPoint announced Thomas Miller, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Coca-Cola, will leave his post and join the company as CIO effective May 1st. Miller will replace Andrew Lang, who is now the CIO of Wolters Kluwer. Many view this leadership change as a response to a long standing history and

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ITInvolve Sales DiscoverOrg

3 Tactics to Shave Months (or Years) off Your IT Sales Cycle

You know that feeling you have when you are walking into a company you’ve been doing business with for years? You stand in their lobby, waiting for your contacts to be called down and you are confident because you know these guys – you know their technology landscape, what they need, you know who is

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Prospector Objections DiscoverOrg

Prospectors’ Objections – A Conditioned Response

In the past I have written about the importance of context when it comes to objections, and a basic understanding of the root of objections.  We looked at the importance of context, TIME and VALUE.  We looked at how there isn’t a right time, just their time and our interruption of it, now let’s look

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Check Out Our Webinar Calendar!

DiscoverOrg webinars are a useful resource for both our customers and prospects. Each week we offer webinars on topics, including but not limited to, sales prospecting, sales intelligence, inside sales, email marketing, and outbound marketing.

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