DiscoverOrg, Sr. VP Customer Success, David Sill

David Sill

Senior VP, Customer Success


David Sill built an inside sales engine for PC Helps Support, Inc. (now known as Vitalyst) that posted 14 consecutive years of high-margin, YoY revenue growth from inside sales, including two private equity-sponsored liquidity events and one dividend recapitalization.  After PC Helps, he embraced the unfamiliar by launching a sales coaching and consulting practice, helping both smaller start-ups and established inside sales teams leverage the power of effective storytelling.  This led to David’s affiliation with Silicon Valley-based Zyme Solutions, who brought him in to launch an inside sales function for the first time in that company’s 10+ year history as a leader in the Channel Data Management (CDM) space.  Along the way, David’s entrepreneurial activities spawned KidSpeaking, a pro bono after-school program aimed at helping elementary school children discover self-confidence through public speaking.  David started AA-ISP’s Philadelphia Chapter (2010) and is a proud alumnus of its Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals list (2011), as well as the University of Pittsburgh (BA), Penn State University (JD), and Villanova University (MBA).  He resides in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and four daughters.

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