What is DealPredict?

Based on your customized Target Customer settings, DealPredict will rank the contacts and companies of your search results on a 0-5 star rating scale. The more stars, the better the match. Learn More

What is a Email Marketing List?

Email marketing lists are usually purchased from an outside company or service that provides the email addresses of individual contacts in a target market. Often the offering is a one-time list for a flat fee or a pay-per-contact basis. List size is based on the number of contacts desired by the buyer. Various tools allow for generating email marketing lists (with no limit to number of lists or contacts) based on their target market to use for prospecting efforts. List quality can be of concern for broadly sold lists because of the lack contact verification leading to a high bounce and/or return rate.

What is a Customer Relationship Management System?

Most often referred to as CRM, this software is designed to house prospect and client contact information with a more progressive view in mind. Features often include active reporting on lead activity, pipeline insights, legal documents, progressive profiling of prospects, and more. Examples of this technology include Zoho, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics. DiscoverOrg also integrates with many CRMs

What is a Sales Org Chart?

Sales organization charts provide a clear view on the exact footprint of a sales department, including project and personnel responsibilities, as well as decision makers in each vertical. It may or may not also contain pertinent contact information. Organization charts are often used in account-based marketing and selling strategies. This information is utilized to target key stakeholders in specific types of purchases and increases the likelihood of a sale occurring if used correctly.

What is Contact Database Software

Contact database software is designed to house prospect's and client's contact information. There are generally no insights about future possibilities or current activity. This is simply a place to house contact data.

What is a Contact Database?

Often confused with CRM, a contact database is the actual information housed within the CRM - also known as raw data. A Contact Database contains typical contact information, social media handles for the prospect, past transactions, referrals and any other information to help in your sales efforts. These databases may also be used to generate email lists.