What is a Buying Trigger?

Buying triggers are company events that indicate a potential customer might be ready to make a purchase. Examples of triggers include funding events and leadership changes.

What is a Tech Stack?

In sales and marketing, a technology stack, also called a software stack, refers to the combination of a company's software technology products. This often includes operating systems, databases, marketing automation, applicant-tracking systems, programming languages, and more.

What is DealPredict?

Based on your customized Target Customer settings, DealPredict will rank the contacts and companies of your search results on a 0-5 star rating scale. The more stars, the better the match. Learn More

What is Account-Based Intelligence?

The basic premise of ABI is that the more you know about an account, the better able you are to segment leads and personalize messaging. This feeds pipeline growth, renewal strategy, lead generation, sales intelligence, and database maintenance – all essential elements of a successful ABM strategy.
Source: LeadGnome

What is Revenue Attribution Software?

Software which enhances and expands upon insights in the process of matching advertising campaigns to customer sales. By properly attributing revenue sources, future campaigns and ad budgets can be better allocated.

What is Predictive Sales Analytics?

The process by which intelligent algorithms are able to analyze key sales performance indicators in order to deliver accurate sales projections and even provide actionable intel. Such algorithms become increasingly accurate over time as more data is analyzed.

What is Predictive Intelligence?

Composed of statistics, data mining, algorithms, and machine-learning to identify trends and behavior patterns. When applied to sales and marketing, predictive analytics forecasts companies most likely to buy or take future action relevant to your business. Examples of this technology include Bombora and OppAlerts.

What is Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence (SI) refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of information to help salespeople keep up to date with clients, prospect new data, and drive business. It’s a form of business intelligence for sales, and is primarily relevant to B2B sales cycles.
Source: G2 Crowd

What is Business Analytics?

The practice of using metrics and statistical analysis to make informed business decisions. Examples of these include: A/B Testing, using data to explain why a particular event occurred (quantitative analysis), or forecasting future events based off of data. Providers of business analytics include TeraData and Oracle.