What is a Buying Trigger?

Buying triggers are company events that indicate a potential customer might be ready to make a purchase. Examples of triggers include funding events and leadership changes.

What is Predictive Sales Analytics?

The process by which intelligent algorithms are able to analyze key sales performance indicators in order to deliver accurate sales projections and even provide actionable intel. Such algorithms become increasingly accurate over time as more data is analyzed.

What is Predictive Lead Scoring?

While traditional lead scoring will rank prospects based on recent activity in owned web assets, the predictive approach scores prospects on the likelihood of a closed-won deal taking place. A trend of closed-won deals is processed by algorithms to determine with greater accuracy over time as to which prospects have potential to close. A traditional ranking structure may be used here, although with differing actions for ranking position.

Examples of this technology include DealPredict.

What is Predictive Intelligence?

Composed of statistics, data mining, algorithms, and machine-learning to identify trends and behavior patterns. When applied to sales and marketing, predictive analytics forecasts companies most likely to buy or take future action relevant to your business. Examples of this technology include Bombora and OppAlerts.

What is Predictive Marketing Analytics?

By analyzing past trends, current data, and customer profiles, companies can market more effectively based on future intent and technology moves. This process allows for greater accuracy with content creation, paid marketing, and acquiring new customers.