TiLT Sales Development

What is TiLT?

TiLT is a sales and sales development certificate program that is free for DiscoverOrg customers. TiLT is designed to inspire confidence and develop sales conversation skills for inside sales teams.

TiLT is a self-paced eLearning program of 10 courses spanning 5 weeks. It establishes a conversational framework for trust building, the art of persuasion and improvisation, and maintaining relevance throughout the sales cycle. Talk to your Customer Success Manager to sign up.

Through art and science of selling, TiLT makes training fun by leveling up your sales teams with skills they need for success. The TiLT program features:

  • Video fireside chats
  • Roleplay scripts and worksheets
  • Skill-based content library

Since training is more effective as an ongoing, team-based activity, TiLT provides 10 challenges for sales and sales development teams to keep their skills sharp.

Interested in TiLT training for your team? Ask your Customer Success Manager.


Is your team ready for the TiLT challenge?

The best part of the TiLT challenge? Learn today, and apply today.

Each challenge is less than 15 minutes, and you can apply the technique immediately.

The challenges include:

  • Conviction: Learn how to speak with passion and purpose.
  • Authenticity: Build context with segmentation, filtering, and focus.
  • Engagement: Create personalized emails with message maps.
  • Storytelling: Learn the art of the “Pixar Pitch” to create lasting memories.
  • Trust: Build rapport quickly using the “3 Yes” method.
  • Persistence: Model your outbound sequence with DiscoverOrg’s successful 21-day approach.
  • Persuasion: Use the soundbite-detail-soundbite method to overcome objections.
  • Creativity: Use metaphors to develop brief messaging that stays on point.
  • Improvisation: Leverage third-party references to gain credibility.
  • Relevance: Teach, tailor, and take control to guide your buyers on their journey.

How to Participate

Interested in participating in TiLT? There are two ways in which you can engage.

  • We recommend joining TiLT as a team. If your sales team takes the challenge together, you will grow together.
  • Join as an individual. Improve your skills solo.

Joining is easy, either way: Contact your DiscoverOrg Customer Success Manager, who can get you signed up today. Or complete the contact form, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

After you register, you will receive an invitation to begin the challenges. We recommend completing a challenge a week and finishing up the entire program within 2 months. Of course, you can do it faster if you or your team wants!


Since its launch in August 2016, over 600 participants have enrolled in TiLT.

Here are just a few companies who have joined the TiLT Challenge. Will you be next?

WatchDox DiscoverOrg


“Discover Org’s TILT program has not only allowed us to get more value out of the platform itself, but also fine-tune a scalable process of lead development here at Mesosphere. The TILT program provides activities to own the sale by pushing you out of your comfort zone, cultivating confidence to be a sales leader. The program has been instrumental for the growth of our team. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge obtained through TILT as we expand our team.”

Mesosphere Team

“We were looking for a way to decrease ramp-up time for new sales employees and give them new techniques for converting leads to sales. The TILT training was relevant and provided immediately applicable information and sales skills. DiscoverOrg’s commitment to our success is outstanding, and we are looking forward to running other new employees through the training in the future.”

Sheri Schiffman, Director of Inside Sales, WatchGuard

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© 2018 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved