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Your company is counting on you to generate a steady stream of hot leads for the sales team. As a marketing professional, you know that great marketing campaigns start with great data. But without the right information, you can’t build segmented prospect lists, improve deliverability rates, or grow the number of qualified leads you send to the sales team.

Closing the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

The rapid rate at which the marketing technology landscape is evolving has introduced two new realities for B2B marketers: (1) Organizations that cannot adapt quickly and adopt new technologies will be displaced by those that can, and (2) technology-enabled marketing strategies are only as good as the data that fuels them.

DiscoverOrg is the leading provider of account, contact, and buying intelligence that feeds technology-enabled marketing strategies. With DiscoverOrg, marketers can drive growth in marketing sourced pipeline and bookings, build highly accurate lists for targeted engagement, append, and enrich the data in their CRM, find potential buyers earlier in the purchase process through predictive analytics, and develop account-based marketing strategies at scale.

Benefits of the DiscoverOrg Platform for Marketers

New Pipeline Generation

discoverorg more efficient and effective account-based marketingIdentify your target prospects, build lists of key decision-makers and influencers, and directly engage with them via personalized messages based on deep buying insights.

Market Growth Analysis

discoverorg improved performance of marketing campaignsIdentify new growth opportunities, size new markets, and uncover pockets of demand in different geographies, lines of business, and/or industries with DiscoverOrg’s robust analytics and search capabilities.

Data Optimization and Enrichment

discoverorg pass qualified leads to sales fasterInaccurate, outdated, or incomplete data makes targeting, personalization, and reporting difficult or unfeasible. With DiscoverOrg, tap into a well of accurate and fresh data and immediately integrate it into your marketing systems to cleanse, append, and enrich your data. Our difference? 250 in-house researchers verify every piece of data in our platform so that you can spend time creating revenue-generating programs, not updating your data records.

Practical Predictive Intelligence

discoverorg automated database managementTired of black box predictive analytics? Our predictive ranking tools are based on transparent data like ideal customer profiles, ideal buyer profiles, online research behavior, technographics, and validated buying scoops. Quickly ID your ideal customer profile, build lookalike models, and rank prospects based on likelihood to buy today.

Account-Based Marketing at Scale

discoverorg easily expand and upsell existing accountsDiscoverOrg enables marketers to lay the foundation of their Account-Based Marketing strategy by helping them identify, expand, and engage target accounts at scale. Multi-criteria search functionality gives marketers the ability to find, rank, and sort accounts based on their ideal customer profile.


© 2018 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved
© 2018 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved