DiscoverOrg for Staffing

Your staffing firm shouldn’t be content with just maintaining your current book of accounts. You need to expand. But to add new accounts, you have to be able to stay ahead of the curve and predict staffing opportunities before they occur.

Staffing Advantage with DiscoverOrg

Expansion is a top-of-mind priority for staffing firms. DiscoverOrg delivers that growth with real-time insights about projects, initiatives, and opportunities that can unleash waves of hiring.

How does the DiscoverOrg platform work for staffing firms? Suppose a managed IT service provider is planning to implement an enterprise software solution that requires dozens of new Java developers. Staffing firms that don’t know about the project until the company is ready to hire are already too late.

More than a typical database contact list for staffing firms, DiscoverOrg gives visibility into hot staffing opportunities before they are made public.

Benefits of the DiscoverOrg Platform for Staffing Professionals

Actionable Insight on Hiring Trends

discoverorg actionable insight on hiring trendsExperienced staffing professionals know that once there is an open req, it’s a fight to the finish line amongst recruiters. However, armed with insight on new projects at target accounts, staffing firms learn of potential hiring waves ahead of the competition.

Leadership Change Alerts

discoverorg leadership change alertsA change in leadership means two things to a staffing firm: a new hiring manager as well as a chain reaction of positions to fill. Staffing firms can subscribe to DiscoverOrg’s Triggers for this intelligence to be delivered regularly for target accounts.

Alternate Hiring Managers

discoverorg alternate hiring managersWhy settle for only one project with one hiring manager? DiscoverOrg’s detailed Org Charts on the IT, Finance and Marketing departments allow staffing professionals to easily identify alternate hiring managers in different departments or locations.

Qualify Passive Candidates

discoverorg qualify passive candidatesDiscoverOrg’s micro-targeted searching capability simplifies the process of finding candidates. Staffing pros can identify ideal fits with just a couple of clicks – and even connect to their social media profiles for a more personal outreach.