DiscoverOrg for Recruiting and Staffing

Recruiting and staffing organizations need new tools to successfully fill their pipeline, source passive candidates, narrow in on the right candidates, and prospect in the digital age.  You need to be able to successfully compete and “close the deal” just like sales and marketing teams do.

Recruiting and Staffing Advantage with DiscoverOrg

Across every function in organizations, the rapid rate of technological advancement is creating new job opportunities for skillsets that are in short supply. Competition for these highly skilled workers is fierce.

Organizations can use DiscoverOrg’s recruiting intelligence to source passive candidates, adopt winning practices used by marketing and sales teams, and compete more efficiently in a talent shortage.

Benefits of the DiscoverOrg Platform for Recruiting and Staffing Professionals

Staffing Agency Customer Acquisition

discoverorg actionable insight on hiring trendsStaffing firms can use detailed company and contact profiles and org charts available on the DiscoverOrg platform to identify potential clients and engage with multiple hiring managers directly.

Recruiting Intelligence

discoverorg leadership change alertsDiscoverOrg alerts recruiters to leadership changes, personnel moves, and major projects at organizations. It provides a window into competitor organizations for targeted recruiting. Identify a pool of candidates and generate a list of companies & contacts that are already using a particular technology.

Passive Candidate Sourcing

discoverorg alternate hiring managersDiscoverOrg offers staffing firms and recruiters direct-dial phone numbers to connect directly with passive candidates; these candidates make up 75% of the people you want to hire.

Recruiting Like a Salesman or a Marketer

discoverorg qualify passive candidatesHR departments are building brands, websites, social profiles, and content to attract talent. They are implementing technology to improve productivity, manage a pipeline of candidates and hiring recruitment marketers to attract, engage, nurture, and source candidates.

Competing in a Talent Shortage

discoverorg improved performance of marketing campaigns

Whether you’re competing with other staffing firms to win new client relationships or competing with other firms or corporate recruiters to source the best talent, DiscoverOrg provides a competitive edge.

© 2018 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved
© 2018 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved