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Henry Schuck is the CEO of DiscoverOrg, a 7-time Fortune 5000 company, which he co-founded at the age of 23. He has extensive experience managing the sales and marketing activities of fast-growing information technology data companies.

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Father’s Day Advice from a Dad and CEO: Your Baby WILL Sleep & Your Outbound Sales Efforts WILL Work

I celebrated my first Father’s Day as a dad two years ago. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t terrified. I worried about the success of our home life, and the success of the company. Everywhere I looked, something was about to slip and fail. But the idea of NOT being really great at any one of those things - dad, husband, or CEO - didn’t feel like an option at all. It turns out that being a dad and being a CEO have a lot in common.

A Primer on GDPR and Marketing Data Protection Best Practices

Assuming GDPR applies to you, in order to process personal data, you need a lawful basis to do so. There are six different lawful ways to process personal data under the GDPR: (a) consent of the data subject; (b) performance of a contract; (c) compliance with a legal obligation; (d) protection of vital interests; (e) performance of a task in the public interest; (f) “legitimate interests”.


You’re the New VP of Sales … Now What?

A great VP of Sales views his role as the mechanic that ensures that each piece of the engine is working properly and in harmony


The Scariest Thing is What You Don’t See: Your Garbage Sales & Marketing Data is Killing You

"One vendor who uses a 600-person team in India, listed a CEO’s wife as the company’s ‘Head of IT,’ even though she had not worked for the company for more than 30 years. Other contacts they identified as corporate CIOs were, instead, dentists, actors, and aircraft maintenance technicians."

10 Years of Competition: The Story and Future of RainKing and DiscoverOrg

The first time I heard of RainKing, I was in my law school apartment and stumbled upon their website. I was 23 years old, under $130,000 of college and law school debt - and I had just launched DiscoverOrg: a company with no brand recognition, no financing, no real experience behind it. But RainKing was a REAL company.

CIOs Selling Tips DiscoverOrg

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Selling to CIOs

Imagine your inbox on an average Monday morning. Now quintuple it. Yeah, CIOs get a lot of email. One CIO said that over 50% of his inbox was communication from vendors! How can a great solution stand out when the inbox is standing-room only?

Selling to Sales – Like Cooking for Chefs

At the end of 2015, we realized to grow the way we had forecasted to our Board of Directors, we needed better data on our prospects and customers. What a stupid realization given that we are solving this exact issue for 2,000+ customers.


5 Books & Blogs That Will Make You Better at Inside Sales

Yes, best performing salespeople learn from experience and develop “grit”... But a commitment to lifelong learning is just as important

Notable Women CIOs - Women's History Month - DiscoverOrg

3 Notable Women CIOs Transforming their IT Departments

In honor of Women' History Month, we highlighted a few of the most innovative Women CIOs in the United States today.

DiscoverOrg CEO Henry Schuck

You Have a Board of Directors, Now What?

Running a company is hard enough as a CEO… Bringing in a board structure requires you to gain consensus and build relationships with strategic, motivated people who also have skin in the game.

What Makes A Good Company Culture

The Keys to Building a Winning Culture

The meaningful work we do energizes and fulfills us. We don’t need to play video games in the middle of the day. We can always go to the arcade later.

Expand Into Large Accounts Using Sales Intelligence | Discoverorg

4 Steps to Expanding into Large Accounts

The technology field in particular is moving fast, meaning organizations that want to keep up are doing the same. That’s why IT staffing firms need to be agile and adaptive in their plans to expand into larger accounts.

Cold Calling DiscoverOrg

Three Ways to Turn Up the Heat on Cold Calling

Sales professionals need to know the types of technology their prospects use. It comes down to this – there’s no point trying to sell a business something that it can’t use.

Forrester B3b Sales DiscoverOrg

Forrester Predicts the Death of 1 Million Salesmen by 2020: Henry Schuck Disagrees

By 2020, the B2B SALESMAN WILL BE DEAD. Or at least that’s what a recent report by Forrester Research, an independent and leading research company in the marketing and technology space, has predicted. The author, Andy Hoar, outlines the following as major contributors to this demise: B2B buyer preferences have fundamentally shifted from speaking with

Sales Leads DiscoverOrg

Why You’re Not Going to be Able to Grow Sales This Year

A year ago, if you had asked me what my biggest concern was around growing DiscoverOrg 60-100% annually, I would have told you that hiring great sales talent was our biggest roadblock. In the last year our Sales Leaders, Patrick Purvis and Steven Bryerton, through a rigorous interviewing, recruiting, and testing process have managed to

Death of Salesman DiscoverOrg

Prospecting Fatigue: The True Death of a Salesman

You just spent 30 minutes researching your prospect; calling him and leaving him a voice message, then you sent THE PERFECT EMAIL. It was so perfect that the prospect has to respond- you talked about what their CEO said in his annual report, you knew a project he was currently working on, and you outlined

b2b Inside Sales DiscoverOrg

3 Reasons 2015 is the Year of B2B Inside Sales

Sales 2.0 expert Anneke Seley shares new data pointing to the increasing investment in — and effectiveness of — B2B inside sales. This post originally appeared on OpenView’s Sales Lab Blog.  In 2013, InsideSales.com hosted its first Inside Sales Virtual Summit, one of the biggest gatherings of sales experts, presentations, and discussions online. TeleSmart Communications President

Big Data DiscoverOrg

Strike While the Iron’s Hot – Big Data Opportunities Happening Now!

Today our blog is focused entirely around Scoops happening right now in the Big Data space. These scoops give you not only insight into what the company is currently focused on – but also a first look at sales opportunities happening at the company. Applied Materials, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and McDonald’s have all raised their hands

Lead Quality DiscoverOrg

Guest Blog – How to Tackle Lead Quality and Velocity BEFORE It Hits Your DB

This post was written by Scott Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer of Integrate. It originally ran on the Marketo blog on 2/2/15. This post, and other marketing insight posts, can be found on the Integrate blog.  Let’s face facts—marketers have become complacent with poor-quality prospect and customer data. According to a SiriusDecisions study, 25% of the average B2B

CIO Turnover DiscoverOrg

High CIO and CISO Turnover: What it Means for IT Sales

CIO and CISO turnover is high – I think we all know that. If you’re in sales, you love that fact. If you’re in sales and you’re wondering why I’d say you love that, this infographic will give you an indication. Simply put: as a sales rep, you should be building good relationships with CIOs

Prospecting Email DiscoverOrg

Strike While the Iron’s Hot – IT Storage Solution Opportunities Happening Now

This week we’re drilling down into our Scoops and focusing on hot, primed opportunities happening right now in the IT storage space.  Boars Head, University of Iowa and Harley Davidson are actively seeking help in migrating servers, upgrading data center operations, or might already be over their head in data center transformation projects. These are

Kendra Lee DiscoverOrg

Guest Post – Email Your Prospects Where They Live

Did you watch our sales and marketing efficiency webinar earlier this year? Email Power Prospecting with Kendra Lee, sales expert and author of The Sales Magnet. For a sneak preview – check out the video below! “If you’re not segmenting email campaigns based on where prospects live, I’ve got bad news for you: Your response rates

Sales Prospecting DiscoverOrg

There’s Gold in Them Thar Leads: 3 Steps to Qualifying the Nuggets

There is the perception in the lead generation process today that more is better. Sometimes, though, more leads just means more work to pick through to find the nuggets that are those most likely to convert to sales. If your marketing programs are generating a large quantity of leads, you need to have good processes

Secrets of Top-Performing Email Subject Lines

Prospecting email subject lines are crucial in getting prospects to open emails. Most businesses are using email as their primary form of communication, and your prospects and customers are inundated with it. To be noticed, you have to make sure your subject line stands out to get past their glimpse factor. But you want more

Leadership Transition DiscoverOrg

Top IT Leadership Moves – General Motors, Goodyear and Windstream Corporation All Have New CIOs

In the last week we’ve seen three big-name corporations name new CIOs. While General Motors is struggling to regain traction after a nightmarish year of recalls, Windstream just completed an acquisition, and Goodyear is looking toward the future with an IT transformation – the three companies have one major thing in common. They’re all relying

Prospector Objections DiscoverOrg

Want to Overcome Sales Objections? Tackle Them Ahead of Time.

No one likes a cold call – no one likes making them and no one likes receiving one. So what do we do in prospecting to get around this problem? Step 1: Don’t Go in Cold. Make sure that you are calling warm. This means that you have consulted your sales intelligence data and are

Leadership Moves DiscoverOrg

Top 3 IT Leadership Moves From Last Week (and Why You Should Care)

Every week for the past two years, we’ve written a blog on top leadership changes happening in the IT, Finance and Marketing industries. We’ve introduced you to some of the top CIOs, CFOs and CMOs as they are beginning their tenure at a new company or in a new position, as well as shared what

Outbound Sales DiscoverOrg

3 Outbound Sales Strategies to Ensure Success in the New Year (Catch your fill with these sure-fire tools!)

Like the plumage and song of a bird seeking a mate, content marketing strategies give companies the opportunity to get found by prospects. These inbound sales strategies enable potential suitors to evaluate options and make educated choices at their own pace. But even the most beautiful bird still needs to eat. And that is where

Good Prospecting DiscoverOrg

How Not to Prospect

(Hint: Don’t Follow the Herd) Step Away From the Beaten Path It’s beginning of the year which means Sales Development Reps (SDRs) and Inside Sales teams are mapping out their target accounts and making resolutions to bring down those big logos. It’s also the time of year I like to look back at the search

Leadership Transition DiscoverOrg

IT Industry Update: Top 5 Leadership Moves You Don’t Want to Miss From Last Week

A change in leadership rarely comes when things are going swimmingly. Even if the organization is reporting positive growth and financial success, C-level executives are quickly replaced if their team isn’t meeting, or exceeding, departmental expectations. While many salespeople wait until a new executive is accustomed to their new position, DiscoverOrg analysts find that the

Email Personalities DiscoverOrg

6 Email Personalities to Avoid if You Want People to Like You

This blog originally appeared on the KLA Group’s Blog on September 25, 2014. For those of us who have been in sales for longer than a decade, it’s easy to sometimes long for the days when customers waited until they met you (or conducted several phone calls with you) to decide whether they liked you.

Leadership DiscoverOrg

IT Industry Alert: Deutsche Bank Taps Salesforce Chief Scientist as First Chief Data Officer

In November, Deutsche Bank made a huge announcement that JP Rangaswami, Chief Scientist at salesforce.com, would join the company in January of this year as their first Chief Data Officer. Rangaswami, who stepped into his new role this week, is charged with standardizing the Bank’s information management processes, tools and governance, while optimizing digital strategy.

Q4 Leadership Changes: ArcBest Names David Cobb as Chief Financial Officer

Last week, global trucking and logistics company ArcBest announced that David Cobb will replace Michael Newcity as Chief Financial Officer as Newcity transitions into a newly created role of Chief Innovation Officer. Cobb, who currently serves as the company’s Vice President and Controller, will assume his new position on January 1, 2015 and will report

Best 2014 Blogs DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg’s 15 Most Essential (Don’t Miss) Blogs of 2014

We would like to send a special thanks to you all for making 2014 an incredible year at DiscoverOrg. Throughout the year, we have extended our award-winning sales intelligence offering in many ways, and enjoyed delivering a toolset that helps users be more successful than they knew was possible. Over the past year, DiscoverOrg has:

IT Industry Alert: Caterpillar Names Finance Executive as CIO

In a high-profile leadership change this month, Caterpillar has named Julie Lagacy as Chief Information Officer following the resignation of Randy Krotowski who left the company to “pursue other opportunities.” The twist of the story is: Lagacy actually comes from a finance background. Strong Finance Background Lagacy, who is a 26-year veteran of the company,

Sales Intelligence DiscoverOrg

Trend Spotting: 2015 Sales & Marketing Intelligence

As we reach the end of the current year, our eyes turn to the New Year and contemplate what it might bring. DiscoverOrg recently pulled together a panel of three innovative CEOs to discuss data-driven marketing and its impacts on the sales process. Our own CEO, Henry Schuck, was joined by two others, Craig Harris

Close Sales DiscoverOrg

12 Tips to Close End of Year Sales Fast

This guest post was originally posted on the KLA Group It’s December! For most sales reps and sales managers that means it’s crunch time for achieving your sales goals. With just weeks left in the year, you need to close sales fast, but don’t want to appear desperate. Here are 13 strategies you can use

Leadership DiscoverOrg

Finance Industry Alert: Warner Bros. Names Kim Williams as VP and Chief Financial Officer

Last week big-name studio, Warner Bros., announced that the company has promoted Ed Romano, current CFO, to Vice Chairman, replacing him with Kim Williams. Williams, who is well known in the finance industry, will begin her new position on January 15, 2015. Romano has served as CFO for the company for over two decades. “As

Prospecting Mistakes DiscoverOrg

How to Avoid 3 Deadly Prospecting Mistakes

The flaming hot truth is this: first impressions really and truly can make (or break) your chances in sales. But that first impression is based on so much more than your pitch. Preparation and timing are also key elements. Sales reps often just hit the phones and wing it – but making those calls without

Leadership DiscoverOrg

IT Industry Alert: Travelport Names Matthew Minetola as New CIO

Last week, leading Travel Commerce Platform provider, Travelport, named Matt Minetola as its new Chief Information Officer. Minetola, who joins the company most recently from HP Financial Services where he served as CIO, will be charged with leading the company’s technology services. Upcoming Initiatives “Matt joins Travelport in a key role for our business at an

Leadership DiscoverOrg

Q4 Leadership Moves: Meet United Technologies’ New CFO

Last week United Technologies, products and services provider for the building systems and aerospace industries, made a surprise announcement that CEO, Louis Chenevert, has stepped down as the company faces disappointing margins and underperforming stock. Current CFO, Gregory Hayes, will replace him as CEO, and Peter F. Longo will now serve as Acting Chief Financial

Sales Professional DiscoverOrg

Thankfulness for the Sales Professional and Why it Matters

The sales profession as a whole is inherently focused on the pursuit of more, leaving little time for being grateful for that which we already have. Especially as the end of the year presses down on us, deadlines and quotas loom and stress increases, taking the time to reflect and be grateful may seem like just

Email Prospecting DiscoverOrg

Wrap it Up: 4 Strategies and Sales Tools to Close Those Deals

We are very quickly approaching the festive season – and wrapping things up may be on your mind. But if you are in sales, wrapping things up as we come to the end of the year does not bring pretty paper and fancy ribbons to mind – we are thinking about closing sales. If you

Leadership DiscoverOrg

Q4 Leadership Moves: Meet Caesars Entertainment’s New CFO

Last week Caesars Entertainment announced that Eric Hession, the company’s current Senior VP and Treasurer, has been appointed Chief Financial Officer. Hession will begin his tenure effective January 1, 2015. He will report to the company’s CEO, Gary Loveman. “Eric has been an invaluable member of the finance team at Caesars and I am pleased

Prospecting Email DiscoverOrg

Don’t Sleep Through the 4th Quarter: 3 Excuses for Abandoning Q4 (and Why They’re All Bogus)

Recently, I heard a sales consultant tell a group of sales reps that they needed to forget about closing Q4 deals and turn their attention to laying the groundwork for 2015. The only value to Q4, this consultant argued, is that it presents an opportunity to get a jumpstart on Q1. And he was dead

Leadership Moves DiscoverOrg

IT Industry Alert: Ford Motor Company Announces Marcy Klevorn as New Chief Information Officer

After more than 30 years of service within the company, Marcy Klevorn has been appointed as Ford Motor’s newest Chief Information Officer replacing Nick Smither who will retire at the end of 2014. “There’s a ton of software in a vehicle. One of the things my team works to provide is a seamless experience between

Leadership DiscoverOrg

IT Industry Alert: Delhaize America Announces New CIO

Delhaize America, a holding company for multiple US supermarket subsidiaries, has announced Michael Laurenti will be joining the company as Chief Information Officer, effective November 17, 2014. Laurenti will be responsible for all Information Technology and Information Security operations following the planned departure of Deb Dixson. Technology for Customers Over the last several months, Delhaize

Sales Intelligence DiscoverOrg

9 Reasons Why Tech Salespeople Lose Deals (& How to Avoid Them)

As part of the sales effectiveness consulting and win-loss analysis I conduct on behalf of my clients, I have had the privilege of interviewing over one thousand key information technology and business services decision makers. You’ll find many excerpts from these interviews in my new book titled Heavy Hitter I.T. Sales Strategy: Competitive Insights from

Leadership DiscoverOrg

Marketing Industry Alert: Coca-Cola Names New CMO Beginning January 1

Last week beverage giant, the Coca-Cola Company, announced that long-time Chief Marketing Officer, Joe Tripodi will step down and retire from the Company in February 2015. Beginning on January 1, 2015 Marcos De Quinto will succeed Tripodi as CMO. While Tripodi was highly regarded for launching one of the most successful global ad campaigns, De

Better Salesforce DIscoverOrg

Faster, Better, Stronger: A Tale of Constant Improvement

Last week Salesforce.com held their annual user conference, Dreamforce, which has grown to be the biggest user gathering in technology – with 130,000 attendees and over 350 partner vendors showcasing more than 1,000 solutions that tie into the Salesforce platform. At the conference, G2 Crowd created a special-edition Dreamforce grid, showcasing vendors that had been

Leadership DiscoverOrg

Denny’s Corporation Announces New CMO

Last week, Denny’s Corporation announced the promotion of Marketing VP, John Dillon, to Chief Marketing Officer, where he will take on an expanded Marketing leadership role. Dillon succeeds Frances Allen, who resigned in September. Dillon’s promotion was part of a Brand Leadership restructuring which also involved Chris Bode being promoted to Chief Operating Officer and

Sales Leads DiscoverOrg

3 Steps to Making Hay ($$) From the Leads You’ve Been Nurturing

How Good Data Can Help You Harvest a Bumper Crop We’re into harvest season. That goes for sales people as well as farmers. Throughout the year we plant seeds, nurture opportunities, and now, it is harvest time. You have been nurturing some of your most promising leads for months, and perhaps working the same contacts

Toolset Tradeshow DiscoverOrg

11 Ways to Leverage Your DiscoverOrg Toolset for Rapid Trade Show ROI

Next week is salesforce.com’s big tradeshow Dreamforce. Attending a large show like this offers a ton of opportunities to see new technology, see some old colleagues and enjoy some super entertainment (Bruno Mars!). If you are one of the 135,000 people headed to Dreamforce next week, I would like to offer you a plan for

Dreamforce DiscoverOrg

Dreamforce: Top 5 Reasons to Come Visit Us in Booth #N1038

Next week, as we all know, is the long anticipated 12th annual Dreamforce conference and it’s time to nail down your plan for the four-day event. With over 135,000 people expected to attend, 1,400 educational sessions, charity events, parties, and more than 400 exhibitors, we know that you have your plates filled. Nancy Nardin of

Q4 Sales Enablement Tool Facilitates Introduction to Starwood Hotel’s New CFO

The 4th quarter has officially begun and we want you to start it off with the best sales enablement tools. DiscoverOrg’s finance dataset profiles the CFO’s department at your target accounts and provides comprehensive org charts of all of his direct reports, allowing you to keep all the decision makers looped in. This Week’s Top

Tech Data Sales DiscoverOrg

Understanding the Tech-Integrated, Data-Driven Sales/Marketing Buyer

These are exciting times for sales and marketing folks. Or scary. Well, both. Adoption of data systems and technologies mean marketers manage more technology, sales teams are more integrated with marketing, and there are technologists throughout the entire company. The roles of marketers and sales people, technologists, and analysts are blending together in the modern

Leadership DiscoverOrg

Mondelez International Names 2012 “Advertising Woman of the Year” as CMO

Last week Mondelez International announced the promotion of 25-year marketing veteran, Dana Anderson to Chief Marketing Officer where she will be responsible for the oversight of advertising, media and marketing for the company.  Anderson absorbs the role following the July departure of Mary Beth West, who left the company following a major corporate restructure. During

Leadership DiscoverOrg

The NFL Names New CMO Amidst Damage-Control Crisis

Over the last few weeks the NFL seems to have become the most popular topic of conversation, headlining the news daily with their involvement in scandal and corruption. However, with yesterday’s announcement of long-time Pepsi exec, Dawn Hudson, as the NFL’s new Chief Marketing Office, we can only hope that this is the beginning of

Data Tactics DiscoverOrg

Use These 3 Data Tactics to Get Big Results

Sales and Marketing teams love data. We collect it. We scour it. We want it to reassure us that we are creating effective campaigns, talking to the best audiences, and our messages are being well received. Data is gathered throughout our lives, every step, every click and every dial. The problem rarely seems to be

Leadership DiscoverOrg

IT Industry Alert: Ovation Brands Promotes Patrick Benson to CIO

Last week Ovation Brand announced the promotion of IT industry leader Patrick Benson, Senior VP of Information Technology, to Chief Information Officer. Benson will be responsible for overseeing the IT operations of all of Ovation Brand’s 334 restaurants located in 35 states. Benson has, and will continue to, lead initiatives as part of the company’s

Boaz Blog DiscoverOrg

Guest Blog From Boaz Amidor: How to Fight High Churn Rates

Lowering your churn rate will help your business become more successful. You will place less of a burden on the sales team to find new clients if you can hold on to the ones you already have. A 2011 survey by Pacific Crest suggests that about 70% of SaaS companies maintain annual churn rates of

Leadership DiscoverOrg

IT Industry Alert: State of Colorado Names David McCurdy as New Chief Technology Officer

The Governor’s Office of Information Technology announced recently that David McCurdy has been named Chief Technology Officer. He began his tenure last Monday, September 2nd. The position became open when former CTO, Suma Nallapati was promoted to the state’s Chief Information Officer and Secretary of Technology. McCurdy will report directly to Nallapati. “My passion is

Sales Team DiscoverOrg

Tips for Building a Successful Sales Team

What are the keys to building a successful enterprise sales team? This was one of the topics covered at our Meet-Up event held this week at VMworld. We had two panel discussions focused on “Overcoming Roadblocks When Selling Enterprise IT.” The first of which, we summarized yesterday in our Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts When

Leadership DiscoverOrg

IT Industry Alert: Crouse Hospital Names New Chief Information Officer

Last week Crouse Hospital announced the promotion of healthcare IT industry leader Kim Rose to the role of Chief Information Officer from her previous position as Director, Information Technology. Rose will be responsible for both the hospital and its affiliates, Crouse Medical Practice and Community Memorial Hospital in Hamilton. Technology and Patient Care Like most

Privacy Regulations DiscoverOrg

Strict Privacy Regulations Give You Reason to Change Sales Strategies: Why You Will Never Look Back

The changing privacy laws, most recently seen in the Canadian anti-spam legislation that went into effect July 1 of this year, have been making me think about The Sound of Music. It is a great movie, but specifically how Maria turns a negative into a positive when she says “when a door is closing, somewhere,

Leadership DiscoverOrg

IT Industry Alert: Deutsche Bank Poaches Goldman Sach’s Senior Technology Executive

On Monday, Deutsche Bank announced that the company has poached Goldman Sachs Group’s senior technology executive, Richard Shannon, and will name him as Chief Information Officer for the Americas. Royal Bank of Scotland’s Chief Information Officer for corporate and institutional banking, Scott Marcar, was also named Monday as the bank’s new Head of Information Technology

Tradeshow ROI DiscoverOrg

Keys to Tradeshow ROI: 10 Strategies to Maximize Your Return

Participating in tradeshows requires that you make a significant investment, so the temptation to cut corners is everywhere. But before you succumb to the temptation of creating “one-size” says it all booth graphics or investing in 10,000 squeezie toys emblazoned with your company’s logo, here are some tips to maximize your tradeshow ROI without compromising

Leadership DiscoverOrg

August Sales Enablement Tools: Introduce Yourself to Walgreens’ New CFO

With the summer winding down and August in full force, we want to give you the best sales enablement tools to help you make your Q3 goals. Start with keeping all the decision makers looped in with DiscoverOrg’s finance dataset. We profile the CFO’s department to help you map out your strategy and giving you

Jill Konrath Sales DiscoverOrg

Selling at Trade Shows: A Lesson from a Hot Shot High Tech Company

This post originally appeared on Jill Konrath’s website and is republished here with permission.  Last year I spoke at Dreamforce with my client DiscoverOrg.com. (If you sell into the IT area, check them out). Over 130,000 Salesforce.com customers, developers and partners were there. After our talk, I went to DiscoverOrg’s booth for a book signing. The exhibit hall was a zoo.

The First 90 Days: A Look Back at Three IT Industry Leaders’ First Months of Tenure

The introduction of new IT industry leaders to a company is often followed by innovation. New executives hope to immediately make their mark on a new company by launching major projects and initiatives. In April, DiscoverOrg reported on five new industry leaders and released information on upcoming areas of spending for each company. Now, our

Recipe for European Success: Sales Tips for Including 3 Essential Ingredients

As you consider the opportunities that expansion into the European market offers you, you might also be experiencing some common concerns.  Managing cultural risk was at the top of the concerns expressed by respondents in a recent survey that we conducted on the subject. But selling in other cultures need not be overcomplicated. The sales

Sales Intelligence DiscoverOrg

European Union IT Industry Alert: Marks & Spencer Names Carl Dawson as CIO

Marks & Spencer (M&S) announced last week that IT industry leader, Carl Dawson will be replacing outgoing Chief Information Officer, Darrell Stein. Although Dawson’s start date has not yet been determined, Stein will be leaving the company next month and Clifford Cohen, the current head of business solutions for M&S.com, will fill the role in

Sales Growth DiscoverOrg

Great Growth and the Secret Sauce

DiscoverOrg’s datasets now include profiles of nearly 18,000 organizations including direct contact information for over 370,000 executives and decision makers. Being able to announce great growth numbers is like tasting your auntie’s secret sauce: you’re going to want more, and you’ll want to know how it is made. And that is where we find ourselves

Leadership DiscoverOrg

European Union IT Industry Alert: TalkTalk Appoints Gary Steen as Chief Technology Officer

TalkTalk announced last week that Gary Steen, an IT industry leader, has begun his new position as Chief Technology Officer. Steen has replaced Clive Dorsman who retired this summer after 17 years at the company. Steen is now leading the group technology capability, overseeing major information technology projects, and leading the group technology strategy. With

The First 90 Days: A Look Back at Alex Stamos’ Beginning of Tenure as Yahoo’s CISO

In early March we reported that Alex Stamos would replace Justin Somaini as Chief Information Security Officer.  Stamos is well known in the IT industry for his expertise in cloud computing, and web, mobile and network applications security.  After three months in his new position, we’re ready to check back in and see how Stamos

Inside Sales Is More Than a Rolodex

Don’t Hire a Rolodex: 5 Steps to Sustainable Success with a Killer Outbound Sales Organization

We are in the unique position of talking weekly with hundreds of sales leaders and C-Level executives across the IT spectrum.  Time and time again, we hear that they have hired a veteran sales rep or two to tap their relationships and boost sales. And for a brief moment, the strategy seemed to be working.

Leadership DiscoverOrg

European Union IT Industry Alert: Barclays Names Harte Chief Operations and Technology Officer

Last week Barclays appointed Michael Harte as Chief Operations and Technology Officer. The company announced that he will report to Group Chief Executive, Antony Jenkins. Harte will take the place of Shaygan Kheradpir, who recently joined IT industry leader, Juniper Networks as their new Chief Executive Officer. Barclays’ appointment of a new executive comes during

Cold Calling DiscoverOrg

How Can You Prevent Cold Calling Objections?

Guest blog from Vorsight’s Steve Richard The answer to that question is simple: Don’t be a sales person during a cold call. The only goal for a cold call is to get a meeting. So instead of selling, at this point your main objective is proving the value of continuing the conversation. Let’s first look at

Leadership DiscoverOrg

Q3 Sales Enablement Tools – Get in Touch With Baxter International’s New CFO

Q3 has officially begun, and we want you to start the quarter with your deck stacked. Utilize the best sales enablement tools, starting with keeping all of the decision makers looped in. DiscoverOrg’s finance dataset profiles the CFO’s department, helping you to map out your strategy, and give you an advantage with having all parties

Canadian Spam Act DiscoverOrg

5 Things You Must Do to Successfully Comply With the New Canadian Spam Law

Canadians are known for being incredibly friendly and polite – and their new anti-spam law is going to require you to play by their rules. Relations between the US and Canada are typically so tight we might forget sometimes that they are a separate country. However, conducting business across borders always requires a certain level

Leadership DiscoverOrg

Q3 Sales Enablement Tools – Clear a Path Directly to Cinemark Holding’s New CFO

Did you struggle to close your big account last month because the CFO got involved in the 12th hour? Your sales success is dependent on you utilizing the best sales enablement tools out there, including our Finance Dataset which profiles the CFO’s department. Keep all of the decision makers looped in from day one. This

Prospecting Email DiscoverOrg

5 Tools That You Should Be Using to be Top Dog

Everyone wants their organization to be at the top of their field – but getting there (and staying there) are not easy to accomplish. When your organization is striving to rise to the top, you might look around and find yourself wondering “what are those guys doing that I am not?” You have made investments

Leadership DiscoverOrg

IT Sales Alert: Hill International Names IT Industry Leader as Senior VP & CIO

Listen up, IT sales professionals – you don’t want to miss this. Last week construction risk management leader, Hill International, announced that Michael Petrisko would rejoin the company as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. He will replace Shawn Pressley who served as Chief Information Officer for two years. Petrisko, a well-known IT industry

Leadership DiscoverOrg

IT Industry Alert: Ace Hardware Names Karen Fedyszyn as CIO

Last week industry giant, Ace Hardware, named IT industry leader Karen Fedyszyn as the company’s Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Information Technology. Fedyszyn, who will report to Ace’s CFO, was brought in specifically to revamp business functions using strategic technology and systems management. “Karen is an accomplished global information technology leader who brings a

Leadership DiscoverOrg

IT Industry Alert: U.S. General Services Administration Names Cloud Leader as CIO

After four months in the acting role, IT industry leader Sonny Hashmi has been named permanent Chief Information Officer for the General Services Administration (GSA). Hashmi will now officially fill the role previously held by Casey Coleman, who left the company in January to join AT&T’s government solutions business. Hashmi has served as GSA’s Chief

Social Media Sales DiscoverOrg

Solving the Social Media Selling Puzzle

By Mike Brooks, www.MrInsideSales.com Social Media and the sales environment of “Sales 2.5” was supposed to make selling easier.  Just get the right connections on LinkedIn, join the right groups on social sites, present yourself as the thought leader in your industry, and viola – instant success.  No more cold calling, all your emails returned,

G2 Crowd Sales Intelligence DiscoverOrg

Nailing Our Spot at the Top of the Sales Tools- DiscoverOrg Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

This week DiscoverOrg wants to reach out and extend a HUGE thank you to our loyal customers and everyone who has been a part of our continuous growth year after year. We are overwhelmed by the response of our customers, and are excited to announce that we have been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction for

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IT Industry Alert: Texas Instruments Names Homegrown Texan as Chief Information Officer

Last week global semiconductor company, Texas Instruments, announced IT industry leader Ellen Barker as the company’s Chief Information Officer. She will be responsible for leading the global information technology organization and strategy for the Dallas-based company. Barker will succeed Brian Bonner, who announced his retirement after serving 33 years at the company. Leader in Silicon

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Why Cold Calling Isn’t Dead – and Other Myths Debunked!

By Mike Brooks, www.MrInsideSales.com Myth Number One: Cold Calling is Dead A few years ago, when social media and social selling came out (sales 2.0 they called it), there was an almost euphoric sense that spread among the sales community because everyone suddenly hoped (and, some still hold out the hope), that the worse part of

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3 Tools to Build Sales Momentum: Using a Complete Lead Generation System

You are just setting off on an exciting road trip. The car is packed, the kids are buckled, the GPS is programmed – you are off! But wait! No one fueled up! Without fuel, you won’t get very far. Anything that slows you down is frustrating and can make it difficult to recapture your energy

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IT Industry Alert: Starwood Hotels Names New Chief Information Officer

Last week Starwood Hotels announced the appointment of IT industry leader Martha Poulter as Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer. She replaces Roger Berry, current CIO, who will stay with the company and take an advisory role until the end of the year. Poulter will begin her tenure on June 23. “As we transform

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Outbound Email Marketing Strategy: Four “Must-Do’s” to Ensure Deliverability

These best practices are important to any and all organizations utilizing outbound email marketing for lead generation. Over the years, marketers have amassed a plethora of knowledge surrounding email deliverability. Your email marketing strategy cannot afford to ignore the laws, guidelines and best practices surrounding this topic. Without an understanding of these strategic methods for

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IT Industry Alert: Franklin Electric Names Julie Scheck Freigang as New CIO

Last week global water and fueling systems provider, Franklin Electric, named Julie Scheck Freigang as Chief Information Officer. Freigang, known for her more than 20 years of business and IT industry leadership experience, will be responsible for all aspects of the company’s IT infrastructure, projects and processes. She will report directly to Gregg Sengstack, Franklin

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Rite Aid Names IT Industry Leader Matt Lynch as CIO

Last week Fortune 500 drugstore Rite Aid reportedly named IT industry leader Matt Lynch as its Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. Lynch will be responsible for the company’s technology and information operations, including: Computer Systems Networks Telecom Data Security Lynch will report to Frank Vitrano who serves as the company’s Senior Executive Vice

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IT Industry Alert: PetSmart Taps Hallmark’s Michael Goodwin as New CIO

Last week PetSmart named IT industry leader Michael Goodwin as its new CIO replacing Sharon Hart who served as interim CIO following Don Beaver’s retirement earlier this year. The change will be effective June 2nd, 2014. Hallmark has not yet publicly announced who will replace Goodwin as he transitions out of the company. IT Industry

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Healthcare IT Industry Alert: Baptist Health Names Bensema Chief Information Officer

This week, Louisville –based Baptist Health named IT industry leader Dr. David Bensema as its new Chief Information Officer. He will be responsible for leading and developing the information technology structures for the seven acute-care hospitals. Prior to his new position, Bensema served as Chief Medical Information Officer for Baptist Health since July, 2013. He

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Big Moves for March – The Top 5 IT Industry Leadership Moves

March was a great month for IT leadership moves across the United States, with new CIOs, CISOs and VPs being named at some of the largest and most recognizable companies. Let’s take a moment to recap. In response to multiple highly publicized information security instances, Yahoo! has named NSA opponent, Alex Stamos to fill the

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Marketo Webhooks for DiscoverOrg – Good Leads Are Not Just a Dream

Last week we announced our newest product release – Marketo Webhooks for DiscoverOrg – and I couldn’t be more excited. This product will help you deliver good leads while reducing lead conversation rates drastically, and as someone who has worked in sales and marketing for 20+ years, I can’t help but feel, well, envious. Envious

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Moneyball For Sales

By Nancy Nardin Major league baseball season is off with a crack of the bat and people are gathering with lawn chairs to observe spring training for the minor leagues. This is the time when team managers will get their first glimpse into how well their newly recruited players will fair. Perhaps it’s a good

salesperson using direct dial to speak directly to the top decision maker

The Best Sales Tip You’ll Ever Get: Understand the Power of Direct Dials

This week our sales team closed out Q1 with some of the highest numbers we’ve recorded yet. We gathered in the hall to celebrate, and I took a minute to reflect on our growing success over the past 11 months that I have been here. Without ignoring the top-notch team that we have in place

Data Hygiene - Clean Dirty Data

Why Cheap Data is Actually Really Expensive

When choosing a data vendor or service it’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at the acquisition cost of that data versus the real cost. The temptation to buy data at pennies per contact – especially when you have limited resources – can be overwhelming. We’d like you to reevaluate this practice, and

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Your CRM is an Empty Box – Fill it With Good Data

Every day my sales team is talking to companies that have a need for good data. Usually without realizing how strong of a need they actually have. As purveyors of IT intelligence, it is our job to help companies realize the value of good data. However, the one thing continues to amaze me is that

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Good Data Makes The World Go ‘Round’

Approaching new prospects without accurate contact data can be time consuming, frustrating and wasteful. One thing we all know about sales is that the old adage, ‘time is money’ really is no joke. Outbound calls can be unproductive for many reasons – you are not calling the right person, you don’t have the right number,

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Leaving a Voice Mail For The IT Decision Maker? Three Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

In sales, leaving a voice mail for the IT decision maker isn’t ideal, but generally the situation.  This is why if you end up reaching the voice mail box for a CIO or the IT decision maker you need to be prepared.  Leaving anything other than a well-polished voice mail for your contact is just

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5 Lessons From Pete Carroll of the Seahawks on Improving Your Sales Leadership Skills

Today the Seattle Seahawks are getting down to the wire in terms of getting ready for the big game on Sunday. As I watched the team’s great run this year, I noticed some interesting parallels between top NFL coaches Pete Carroll and highly successful sales executives in terms of ensuring victory. Because we’re based here

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[Sales Scoops] Give Yourself an Unfair Advantage

Who said you have to play fair in sales? In my opinion, you should do everything you possibly can to stack the deck in your favor. One of the best ways to do that is to get into an account early, before your competitors know an opportunity even exists. Maybe before your prospects are even

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3 Ways to Close More Sales and Help Your Outbound IT Sales Team Shine

So much about marketing these days is, “Inbound this…” “Inbound that…” Yes, inbound marketing in IT sales is important and a great way to generate qualified IT sales leads. But if you’re not including outbound marketing tactics to your overall sales and marketing strategy, you’re doing a huge disservice to your company and a bigger

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You Had Me at Hello

Accelerate the “Getting to Know You” Phase for Information Technology Sales Success Selling into the information technology market can feel a lot like trying to find your perfect mate at a bar. Similarly, sales people are often making calls that feel a lot like those awkward first advances– you see that the prospect has attributes

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Nucleus Research Lauds DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.0 as a Powerful Tool for Increasing Sales Effectiveness

At DiscoverOrg, we’re all about making it as easy and intuitive as possible for IT sales reps to use our database to identify key decision makers and book appointments with them. That’s why we’ve invested so much time and energy creating our new DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.0, the latest version of our native salesforce.com integration.

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More Data Intelligence = More Closed Won Opportunities

Each month our product development team releases new enhancements and functionality to improve the experience and results our customers have with DiscoverOrg.   This week’s rollout added some great data intelligence around the growing list of companies profiled in our database.  The newest capability in DiscoverOrg is the ability to search and graphically view a company’s

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Need Good Leads? – It’s all About Outbound

If you’re in marketing or sales in the IT industry you have probably heard the Siren Call of the Marketing Automation Leaders: “It’s all about Inbound, Inbound, Inbound.” The folks at Hubspot or InsideView or other marketing vendors would have you believe the only thing you need to be doing to grow sales is writing

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3 Reasons A Sales Intelligence Tool Leads to Efficiency and Enablement

To compete in a tight economy, companies need to make the most effective use of their staff. When sales managers discover that up to a quarter of their staffs’ time is spent researching to find the right contacts at target companies, it is time to find a better solution. For companies moving into a new

Love and Accolades

Every day at DiscoverOrg we enjoy hearing from you, our happy customers about your experiences; we love to document your achievements and how we helped you reach your goals. We love our customers and we love to hear how much you love us, too. Recently, DiscoverOrg has been nominated for the 2013 Top Sales &

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Yes, Your Team is Bad at Prospecting

By Steve Richard of Vorsight I was talking with a VP of Sales for a Security Training company in PA last week.  As the conversation progressed he said, “Steve, are you telling me my team is bad at prospecting?”  In the nicest possible way I said yes. Prospecting today is different than it was even

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Want to Know How to Close Your Top Accounts by EOY? Join Us at Dreamforce 2013!

What salesperson wouldn’t jump at the chance to close his top prospect accounts by the end of the year? But how to get there – well, that can be another story. That is, of course, unless you join us at DreamForce 2013 in San Francisco, the world’s largest vendor-led technology gathering. There, I will be

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Sales Objections: The Psychological Reason Behind Why Prospects Object

In the past, I have written about the importance of context when it comes to sales objections and a basic understanding of the root of these common objections.  We looked at the importance of context, time and value.  We looked at how there isn’t a right time, just their time and our interruption of it,

Data Hygiene - Clean Dirty Data

Throw Out that Dirty Data or They Might Just Throw You Out

The Importance of Data Hygiene As we enter Q4, the pressure on outbound marketing efforts is high. This being the most critical quarter for most business, your year-end marketing initiatives need to produce results. So now more than ever you depend on data hygiene and quality. How confident are you that you have good leads?

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Data Quality Issue #1 in CRM and Marketing Automation Usage

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) and Marketing Automations Systems certainly are not new, but their impact on the business strategies of sales and marketing teams over the past five years has been significant.  In many instances, it’s been difficult for them to determine true ROI due to concerns about the accuracy or completeness of the

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How IT Sales Intelligence Provider DiscoverOrg was Named No. 18 on the 2013 Tech 200 List of Fastest-Growing Tech Companies from Lead411

How do you achieve rapid growth in the information technology industry when you’re smack-dab in the middle of a slow growing economy?  You do it by helping the top IT vendors grow their business with superior IT marketing and sales intelligence. While that’s true, it’s probably not the answer you’re looking for. It’s inevitable that

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IT Sales: Trigger Solution Selling

When there’s an executive change in the IT department of a major company, this move signals not one but possibly FOUR buying opportunities. This includes the potential for new IT projects at the company where the new exec landed; at the company where his predecessor is getting settled in; at the company he came from;

Confio Intelligence Solution for Outbound Sales

Outbound Sales: 3 Ways to Help Your Team Shine

So much about marketing these days is, “Inbound this…” “Inbound that…” Yes, inbound marketing in B2B sales is important and a great way to generate qualified leads for the sales team. But if you’re not including outbound marketing tactics to your overall sales and marketing strategy, you’re doing a huge disservice to your company, your

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Email Marketing For IT Sales – Timing Is Key

How do you make your email stand out in an inbox full of emails?  Through timing of course. Email marketing may not be as sexy or trendy as social media, but it’s certainly the ‘wiser elder’ of the marketing mix.  After all, email marketing’s how we built our business and it got us on the

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5 Key Ways to Increase Your IT Sales Callbacks

Posted by Steve Richard, Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer @ Vorsight “Hey Jim. Pat Nelson with Vorsight. I know you’re the CIO for XYZ Big Data vendor and I needed to speak with you in regards to expert resourcing within the division…Call me as soon as you get this, my number is 555-123-1234. Take Care.” Over

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DiscoverOrg Turns Three – On The Inc. 500 List, That Is!

Ranking three years in a row on the Inc. 500 list is quite an achievement. And to go from #207 to #188 in our first and second year, respectively, and now to a #298 ranking, is pretty amazing. Joining an elite group of companies that have ranked three years in a row like NETtime Solutions

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Are You Leveraging Scoops to Spur Success in IT Sales?

In IT sales, timing is everything. Sometimes a CIO can be ready to pull the trigger; other times, the sales cycle can take months or even years. For this reason, having the right sales intelligence can spell the difference between success and failure. This intelligence gives your sales reps the right opportunity at the right

Public CIO Sharing New IT Budget

Public CIO Upheaval and New IT Initiatives: Is Sales Ready?

Have you ever: after spending hours doing online research and making dozens of dead-end calls, finally connect with a top information technology decision maker only to find out on a follow-up call that she’s no longer in charge of that department? Or even worse: find out a sale has stalled because there’s been an organizational

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Uncover Buying Opportunities with New SMB Dataset

This week at DiscoverOrg we rolled out the red carpet for our much anticipated Small and Midsize Business (SMB) Dataset. As the SMB segment continues to grow at a feverish pace for IT purchases, Marketers, Sales Professionals, and Staffing firms have been looking forward to this launch for months. Our smart customers have been begging

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DiscoverOrg Launches Finance Data Set

Today I’m happy to announce that DiscoverOrg has launched our Finance Dataset.  Our unique offering provides complete profiles on over 1600 Enterprise companies finance departments.  These 43,000 continuously refreshed contacts include the highest rate of direct dial numbers, 95% verified email addresses and organizational charts.  We will be hosting a webinar on Aug. 6, “How

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TRIGGERS: Leading You to Your Window of Opportunity

Recently I stepped into the role as Senior Director of Marketing at DiscoverOrg and, without a doubt; I have taken advantage of the immense buying opportunity created during an organization’s transitional period. Using my situation as an example; when hired in May, like many new senior-level hires, my immediate task was to assess the current

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7-Eleven – Top 20 Most Searched IT Departments

Robert Osgood – Director of Research & Customer Service While analyzing traffic within DiscoverOrg’s service, I noticed that a staggering 50% of searched companies are “drive past-able”, meaning you literally drive past a brick and mortar location. When I dug in deeper I see, of these top 10 most searched all are household names like:

Inside Sales Is More Than a Rolodex

5 Critical Steps Managing an Inside Sales Team That Drives Predictable Revenue

We hear it all the time from Sales Leaders and C-Level Executives alike: “I just hired a veteran B2B sales representative, so we’ll just be tapping into their relationships for sales”. If you’re being sold on a fat rolodex of names from some senior sales executive, you can pretty much be sure that the names

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Voicemail Techniques Webinar

Leaving a voice mail can be one of the most frustrating things in the world.  If you have trouble getting your point across in thirty short seconds, attend our webinar. We will give examples of good and bad voice mail messages and set you on the right track to achieving the former rather than the latter.

Check Out Our Webinar Calendar!

DiscoverOrg webinars are a useful resource for both our customers and prospects. Each week we offer webinars on topics, including but not limited to, sales prospecting, sales intelligence, inside sales, email marketing, and outbound marketing.

Salesperson Making a Sales Voicemail

[TEMPLATE] 5 Ways to Improve Sales Voicemail Callbacks

Posted by Steve Richard, Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer @ Vorsight Over the past two weeks, I have been using a new sales voicemail template in order to attract high-level sales, business development, and clinical development prospects. So far I have received anywhere between 1-4 callbacks a day from VP level and C-suite individuals. Here’s

Email Marketing

This Simple, Effective Email Marketing Strategy is Key

Email marketing may feel frustrating: is anyone even reading your carefully crafted email content? In 2012, the average corporate email user received 75 emails a day. Imagine how much more the top decision makers must get. So how can you make your targeted email stand out in an overflowing inbox? Timing, obviously. Email marketing may

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