“The DiscoverOrg for salesforce.com native app allows us to follow established workflow process and access vital data intelligence with just two clicks of the mouse,”

Ben Audley, Avecto VP of Sales for the Americas

The Customer

Avecto, www.avecto.com, enables customers to lower operating costs and improve system security by implementing least privilege management. Avecto’s software manages Windows user privileges enabling organizations to deploy secure and compliant desktops and servers. Its main product, Defendpoint, provides a policy-based approach to privilege management providing users with the privileges they require to perform their roles (maintaining high levels of productivity), without compromising the integrity and security of their systems.

The Challenge

Avecto was seeking to reduce the burden on its sales force who were investing up to a quarter of their time researching opportunities. Because Avecto is virtually-based, the sales staff didn’t have the contacts they needed within the IT organizations they were targeting. Sales management found that there was a lot of time being wasted digging for contact information on business networking sites such as LinkedIn. They found the LinkedIn data intelligence was only as good as the individuals updating it choose to make it. In most instances they couldn’t locate a direct dial phone number. This research time was costing Avecto opportunities and ultimately, revenue.

Avecto needed a data intelligence solution that would enable them to get in front of the right people within their target organizations as efficiently as possible. Even when a sales team knows what job titles to target, having accurate contact information to those people will shorten sales cycles and increase the effectiveness of each sales person. Having accurate data is the key.

Avecto’s sales team needed to know how target organizations were structured and understand what challenges the customer organizations were facing so that they could tailor their sales approach to the target’s current situation.

The Solution

Avecto selected the Enterprise, Mid-Market, SME and Government Datasets from DiscoverOrg. They have found that with DiscoverOrg’s tight integration into salesforce.com, their sales teams gain access to unparalleled organizational information. DiscoverOrg’s datasets include detailed reporting structures and contact information which streamlines the Avecto sales process – no longer spending hours per week researching. The difference had an immediate impact on the sales teams as they had the opportunity to reallocate 60% of their research time into productive selling time.

With the addition of DiscoverOrg’s IT Org Charts, Avecto’s inside sales reps are able to simply call up their DiscoverOrg chart on the target account to begin prospecting. Further, the enterprise sales reps benefit from the detailed view of the organizational Structure of a target company’s IT departments, including job functions and decision making structure.

Avecto was also able to eliminate wasted time and money using DiscoverOrg’s location mapping feature, which allows reps in the field to see a visual representation of where prospects were in a given area and be more efficient and effective in terms of setting up sales calls.

“DiscoverOrg has increased our workforce satisfaction; people find they are more successful at their job and that makes them happy,” said Ben Audley, VP of Sales for the Americas. “They waste less time doing research so they can spend more time doing something they are really good at, selling.”


Avecto is able to leap ahead of the competition by incorporating the DiscoverOrg Scoops tool. Scoops alert inside sales reps when a new project is in the works, when a company is evaluating technology solutions, or when there is a key management change. Knowing that an opportunity exists before picking up the phone empowers reps from the beginning of the sales process. Being able to follow up on those opportunities in an organized, timely manner keeps Avecto reps a step Ahead of their competition.

Business Benefits

  • Using DiscoverOrg’s Datasets and IT Org Charts, Avecto decreased time spent on research by over 60% during the first year.
  • The IT Org Charts form the basis of the inside sales process at Avecto. The only thing they need to do now, in terms of research, is to make sure that they have their DiscoverOrg chart ready.
  • Using DiscoverOrg Scoops, Avecto sales reps engage prospects with actionable intelligence. Armed with this real knowledge of current or pending migrating projects Avecto reps can propose an informed solution.
  • The DiscoverOrg for salesforce.com native application is a key advantage for Avecto. Knowing that the most accurate and updated information is already integrated into salesforce.com, Avecto reps follow established workflows armed with data intelligence into a target company that is only “two clicks away.“
  • DiscoverOrg reduces training costs for Avecto’s new sales staff. “Our DiscoverOrg Customer Success Manager handles all of that for us. They are quickly up and running and I don’t have to be involved,” says Audley.

“It is all about opportunity cost. It is about what we could do better with that time. DiscoverOrg could be worth millions of dollars to us.” Ben Audley, VP of Sales Americas. “The quality of data is almost too good to be true. We are still trying to work out what is the catch; we haven’t found one yet.”