“Within 30 days we had our first closed opportunity attributable to DiscoverOrg,”

– Miguel Boland, Vice President for IT Consulting at GES

The Customer

Global Employment Solutions, www.gesnetwork.com (GES) is a leading provider of professional and commercial staffing services. Within its Information Technology division, the company services the needs of enterprise and mid-market companies with a wide set of offerings which include Staff Augmentation, HR Outsourcing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Retained and Contingent Search, Project Delivery and Management. Its staff in local offices across the country has an average of 10 years of industry experience.

Competitive pricing, coupled with the need for highly qualified talent, and timely delivery has positioned GES as a trusted name in staffing for more than 60 years.

The Challenge – Ramping Up Productivity of New Sales Reps

Global Employment Solutions was expanding its business development into new territories, Atlanta and Washington. It wanted to increase its footprint within existing accounts and establish relationships at new, targeted accounts.

However, the GES sales reps in the new territories needed a powerful lead generation system that they could leverage to quickly bring them up to speed with more seasoned reps in the established territories. GES turned to DiscoverOrg.

The Solution

Global Employment Solutions rolled out DiscoverOrg’s IT Mid-Market dataset for the sales reps in its newest territories. The goal was to demonstrate the effectiveness DiscoverOrg’s lead generation system had on boosting the productivity and efficiency of its newest sales reps.

Miguel Boland is Vice President for IT Consulting at GES. He said, “we wanted to be able to show a quick ROI on the DiscoverOrg service in our two newest offices to build a business case for expanding the service across the company.”

Global Employment Solutions now had access to the IT departments of 4,600 companies and over 82,000 contacts. In addition, GES was able to subscribe to region specific access, allowing them to focus their sales and marketing efforts on their newly expanded territories. The sales reps also got Org Charts for all 4,600 companies profiled within the dataset. The charts gave them an unprecedented birds-eye view of accounts’ organizational and reporting structures. They could see where every important decision maker sat within their department; they also got a granular look at the IT infrastructure and the technologies deployed by the companies.

“What we did was go into DiscoverOrg’s dataset and pull up the Org Charts for the accounts we already had a presence in and started calling on the business leaders in different areas to expand our footprint throughout the IT department of that organization,” explains Boland.

Utilizing the DiscoverOrg lead generation system, the GES sales teams in new territories were efficient and productive with DiscoverOrg’s at a much faster rate than anticipated. “DiscoverOrg’s sales intelligence and Org Charts gave us an inside-look at our targeted accounts and within weeks we were able to expand our footprint in two major Atlanta based enterprises,” explains Boland. All of DiscoverOrg’s datasets boast an incredibly accurate 95% direct dials, more than 98% confirmed emails, and the data is guaranteed to be verified at minimum once every 90 days.

The Results

Within weeks of implementing DiscoverOrg’s Mid-Market dataset, the GES sales teams in the new territories had closed their first new opportunity. Within that time, they also built a pipeline of new sales opportunities directly attributed to the DiscoverOrg sales intelligence tool.

Boland said, “Within 30 days we had our first closed opportunity attributable to DiscoverOrg. I was a believer in the service from the beginning, but being able to show direct ROI in such a short period of time made the service a huge hit across the company.” Boland adds, “Now that we’ve shown that DiscoverOrg is a tool that returns its investment so quickly we have been able to build a solid business case to add the Enterprise dataset and increase usage across the company.”