“We’re able to better understand organization charts, shorten sales cycles, and sell more holistically thanks to DiscoverOrg.”

– Nicholas Rose, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Operations

The Customer

Mendix, a Boston-based technology company, offers its customers a powerful, flexible platform to create, develop, and improve digital applications that “empowers IT and business teams to collaborate like never before with unmatched speed and control.” Mendix is the only application platform that provides a comprehensive, integrated set of tools for the entire lifecycle of applications from development through operation, and is a world-leader in facilitating and executing the digital transformation of mission-critical business strategies and operations.

The Challenge

Mendix helps companies advance digital transformation by offering tools, services, and guidance that ensure fast, thorough, and effective migration of mission-critical operations to mobile and web-based applications. Named an industry-leader by Gartner and Forrester, the company turned its focus to discovering, qualifying, and winning valuable new opportunities.

But despite offering a winning product, Mendix still found itself handcuffed by incomplete, out-of-date market intelligence data and struggled to close new deals in a reasonable amount of time.

With an unacceptably protracted MQL to opportunity qualification cycle and its talented sales people wasting their valuable time searching for incomplete prospect account data, Mendix needed a transformation of its own.

The Solution

Mendix selected the TEDD (Technology, Engineering, Design, Development) and Government/Higher Education datasets, the North American and European IT datasets, and the DiscoverOrg Webhook for Marketo, giving instant access to the most complete, accurate, and in-depth market intelligence data in existence.

“We were struggling through so much ‘noise,’ so many useless leads coming to our sales reps,” explains Nicholas Rose, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Operations at Mendix.

“Using DiscoverOrg, our sales teams are now able to have intelligent, meaningful conversations while filtering out non-prospects.” In fact, DiscoverOrg was able to help Mendix improve their MQL-to-Opportunity rate by 14x, boosting it from barely 2% to well over 28%. “Now that the ‘noise’ is gone, we enjoy a compounding effect that boosts everyone’s performance,” Rose says.

DiscoverOrg not only helped Mendix cut through the noise to discover truly valuable prospects, but it helped slash the time it takes to meaningfully engage with them, via Webhook for Marketo, which instantly appends all incoming records with missing data points.

“DiscoverOrg automatically builds a full and complete prospect profile so our sales teams don’t waste time researching missing data,” says Rose. “Each rep used to spend 15 minutes per profile searching for incomplete data. Now, DiscoverOrg does it in seconds.”

This has allowed Mendix to not only win more deals, but to shorten its sales cycles and win more often. Combined with DiscoverOrg’s ability to build out comprehensive, in-depth organization charts that give Mendix a holistic picture of each and every key stakeholder and decision-maker at all levels of their prospect accounts, Rose’s teams are sinking their teeth into the promise of account-based marketing (ABM) with tremendous results.

“DiscoverOrg is simply the best tool in the market. It has it all and does it all. Other tools I’ve used simply scrape or buy other lists; DiscoverOrg has IT profiles, revenues, and is human-verified. There is really no other option out there,” Rose declares.

Higher win rates, shortened sales cycles, and ABM-readiness. Now that’s a trustworthy platform for digital transformation, brought to you by DiscoverOrg.