The Challenge
NexTech was refocusing its retail sales organization from a telecom market focus to enterprise network solutions. They needed to efficiently gain an understanding of the market and develop a sales approach that would be effective in this new market space. They needed accurate information about opportunities and decision makers in target companies.

The Solution

  • DiscoverOrg Enterprise Dataset
  • DiscoverOrg Mid-Market Dataset
  • DiscoverOrg Small to Medium Enterprise Dataset
  • DiscoverOrg IT Org Charts


  • Re-focused sales staff could more efficiently target a new market
  • Actionable lead data provided sales with 20% more appointments in the first month

“If an organization is stagnant, shifting into a new target segment, or needs a fresh view of current opportunities, DiscoverOrg provides the best sales tools to help the company to re-focus.”

– Gary Preble, NexTech Partners Network Specialist.

The Customer

NexTech, is a global reseller of networking, storage, server, voice and video equipment. In order to provide objective technology recommendations to their customers, NexTech resells IT equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers including Cisco, Extreme Networks, Avaya, HP, Polycom, Nortel and Plantronics. NexTech is a full service provider, offering solutions from IP telephony to network implementations.

The Challenge

NexTech’s retail sales team, which had been selling to companies dealing with the purchase of large quantities of telecom equipment, was challenged to re-focus into the more competitive enterprise network market. However, the sales teams struggled to find their footing. The sales team needed new sales tools, to brush up on their sales skills and gain a rapid understanding of the enterprise network systems market.

NexTech’s retail sales team was actively working the phones – cold calling 100 calls per employee per day, using outdated sales marketing pitches. It wasn’t long before NexTech realized this strategy was wasting valuable time and energy. They needed sales tools that would not only enable them to be more targeted to their approach to this unfamiliar market, but also help them to learn more effective sales strategies.

The Solution

NexTech chose to purchase the DiscoverOrg Enterprise Dataset, Mid-Market Dataset, Small to Medium Enterprise Dataset and IT Org Charts. DiscoverOrg’s sales tools provided a clear view into target organizations, the ability to target people in specific roles and data pertaining to specific ongoing initiatives. Using the DiscoverOrg tools enabled NexTech retail sales team to transition successfully into their new target market.

The DiscoverOrg webinar sales training series also empowered NexTech by offering different approach strategies and sales tools that were more closely aligned with the new environment into which they were selling.

DiscoverOrg Organizational Charts

By utilizing DiscoverOrg’s IT Org Charts, NexTech’s sales reps are able to approach a prospect from multiple angles. If their first contact points don’t yield the results they were after, the detailed IT department organizational charts enable them to try other contacts within the department or up the chain of command. The DiscoverOrg charts are a vital tool in account prospecting.

Sales Training

NexTech is successfully transitioning its retail sales force from the declining telecom sales market to the more profitable enterprise network sales market with the help of DiscoverOrg’s integrated webinar training series. Titles in this series including, Cold Calling Preparations Get it Right, Cold Calling Interrupting to Conversation, Cold Call How to Handle Objection and Sending Targeted Emails using DiscoverOrg have helped sales teams change their mindset and approach when newly equipped with plentiful prospect data. When leads are no longer scarce, the ability to focus your selling time on the most profitable and effective approaches is critical to success. “Like most midsized organizations, our company does not offer sales training internally; a surprise benefit of working with DiscoverOrg was the high-quality sales training from industry experts available at your convenience.” Gary Preble, NexTech Partners Network Specialist.

Business Benefits

  • Using DiscoverOrg’s sales tools, NexTech sales reps were able to navigate a new market and successfully target efforts on the most profitable sales approaches.
  • DiscoverOrg’s Datasets and IT Org Charts enabled NexTech to focus on contacts that are most likely to be interested in solutions.
  • DiscoverOrg’s provides integrated sales training that has enabled NexTech Partners to have a sales training arm with no additional expense to the company.
  • DiscoverOrg Customer Success Agents are available to assist sales reps as they work with the data and implement new sales strategies.

“The DiscoverOrg has brought back the joy of salesmanship. Your sales webinar series has changed my life,” Gary Preble, NexTech Partners Network Specialist