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“Conducting campaigns with high success rate is simple with the DiscoverOrg solution”

– Jeff Miller, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, ProKarma.

The Customer

ProKarma delivers enterprise solutions, custom application development, and IT infrastructure services to more than 150 companies worldwide. The company’s technical and domain expertise across multiple platforms and industries help enterprise companies drive productivity, efficiency and gain the most out of their technology investments.

The Challenge

ProKarma was seeking to employ a lead generation system that would scale and accommodate its diverse needs and growth. Although the company was familiar with list providers, it was seeking a comprehensive solution that would deliver reliable and accurate information – further driving and augmenting its existing outbound campaign efforts. ProKarma wanted a solution that would connect with the most appropriate contacts efficiency and effectively.

Seamless integration with its Salesforce.com database was also another requirement. Delivering accurate information directly to the fingertips of the team members would allow them to spend more time on efforts that yielded the most results – not on research and or administrative tasks. The ability to search and retrieve specific datasets helped save time and resources.

The Solution

ProKarma selected DiscoverOrg’s lead generation system to support its outbound campaign. Leveraging DiscoverOrg’s Enterprise and Mid-Market Datasets, ProKarma was able to efficiently identify opportunities and achieve tangible, productive results.

DiscoverOrg’s lead generation system enabled ProKarma to access real-time, accurate data – driving greater likelihood of success from the first touch point. “Time to research is cut down to virtually zero with the DiscoverOrg solution,” said Miller.

Salesforce.com Integration

One key to getting the most out of Discoverorg solution tool is ease of use. ProKarma implemented the DiscoverOrg SalesForce.com native integration and found that data is easily accessed and integrated into the company’s CRM database. “We are able to dramatically increase and drive our daily productivity,” said Miller.


ProKarma sales management uses the DiscoverOrg watch list feature to send alerts in real time as companies begin new projects, initiatives or executive leadership changes. DiscoverOrg’s Scoops deliver these alerts and ProKarma’s sales teams uses them to open doors and begin conversations just as companies are most likely to need services.

Business Benefits

  • DiscoverOrg’s comprehensive lead generation system provides ProKarma with solid account intelligence and accurate contact information
  • DiscoverOrg has reduced account research time down to almost zero.
  • DiscoverOrg’s Scoops allow managers to focus effort on accounts with activity that will increase the potential of the target organization.
  • With the DiscoverOrg for salesforce.com integration, inside sales reps populate current contact data right where they need it.
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