Folloze: Case Study

Boosted Daily Productivity by 38%

“DiscoverOrg’s data lets us see our accounts from an organizational hierarchy level,” explains Fang-Fang Fei, Account Development Manager at Folloze. “Who are the key decision makers we need to talk to, and where do they sit in the organization? Now, we can map our outreach.”


Bonfyre: Case Study

Slashed research time by 50%

Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) grew 30% the quarter after fully implementing DiscoverOrg. And the Bonfyre sales team has slashed their account research and selection time by 50%, while drastically improving prospect quality.


Meagen Eisenberg Chief Marketing Officer

"I'm a DiscoverOrg advocate because we see value. I'm really looking at are we getting the return on our investment? Is it making us better at marketing and sales? Are we actually getting responses and engagement with the people that we reach out to?"


MindTickle: Case Study

Call Connection Rate Increased by 2X

MindTickle needed more reliable, in-depth organization charts and contact information to break into large enterprise accounts quickly and reach all key stakeholders and decision-makers as part of an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.


Brett Bonner Digital Marketing Manager

"We as marketers like it because we're able to provide strong messaging to our prospects. Sales likes it because it gives them the level of comfort and personalization that they need for target accounts, and helps them form a strong connection with those prospects.

Clients receive it well because we come in with a strong value prop, we know their business, and it makes an efficient use of their time with us."


Case Study: New Horizons Des Moines

Additional connections made per day 50

New Horizons Des Moines needed an efficient way to boost its research and prospecting power in order to grow demand within existing accounts and boost pipeline with net new accounts.

Account-Based Marketing

[VIDEO] 7x more Demos & 2.5x bigger ACV: The Results of Our Account-Based Everything Experiment

Using the same data and fit criteria - with an ABM approach - we saw 7 TIMES more meetings set in our ABE target group even though both groups engaged with us at the same rate.
January 11, 2018
6 min read

David Dulany Director, Sales Development

"I can't imagine using a different product than DiscoverOrg, especially when you're looking at an account-based approach to Sales Development. "


Coit Group: Case study

Direct-Dial Connection Success Rate 100%

The Coit Group builds client dream teams, but as it transitioned from inbound referrals to targeting select prospecting accounts, it was having trouble building out its own Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy.


Box: Case Study

New Discovery Calls per Week 100

Box's team saw a significant uptick in the amount of business and new recurring revenue generated using DiscoverOrg data...

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