Henry Bruckstein Founder & CEO

Logo for Campaign Stars

"Before the world of DiscoverOrg, it was pretty manual. So, our team would spend hours researching on LinkedIn and Google searching. All of that time spent is now better spent actually engaging with prospects. Because at a push of a button, you get that intelligence; you get the hierarchies; you get the organization charts."

Tim Lucarini Senior Account Executive

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"The data that DiscoverOrg provides from an account level – not just contact-level data – is extremely important for an account-based approach, which is the path that KickFire is moving down."

Andrea Lechner-Becker Chief Marketing Officer

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"The biggest differentiator for DiscoverOrg for me is its integration directly with Salesforce. I love that. So it's really, really simple for me as a marketer or for my salespeople to just go get the data that they need."

Anh Ly Marketing Operations

"Marketing strategy incorporates many tactics to allow for successful sales campaigns and lead generation. The best of them should be pointing back to the use of quality data as the foundation for their success."


Brett Bonner Digital Marketing Manager

"We as marketers like it because we're able to provide strong messaging to our prospects. Sales likes it because it gives them the level of comfort and personalization that they need for target accounts, and helps them form a strong connection with those prospects.

Clients receive it well because we come in with a strong value prop, we know their business, and it makes an efficient use of their time with us."

David Dulany Director, Sales Development

"I can't imagine using a different product than DiscoverOrg, especially when you're looking at an account-based approach to Sales Development. "

Gabe Rothman Director, Sales Systems

"The contacts that we got from DiscoverOrg were particularly useful in getting us into our targeted Global 2000 accounts."

"I get requests all the time from our team for more DiscoverOrg licenses."

Tom Stark Manager Sales Development

"We just finished Q1, and had our best quarter yet, by our outbound SDR team. That wasn't by accident. Using DiscoverOrg has allowed all of my outbound reps to find people anywhere in the country, particularly in the IT departments at large and small companies and we've been able to set up more opportunities than we ever have before."

"We're going to market, we're in a hot space, the identity management space, and quite frankly, we need to put our message in front of as many people as possible."

Chris Pham Senior Director, Sales Development

"I was using a competitor and I wasn't really happy with the service. I saw what DiscoverOrg was doing in terms of the quality of the data, and the UI, and I was impressed, and I made the switch."

"The number one thing is that the data's better than other vendors."

Meagen Eisenberg Chief Marketing Officer

"I'm a DiscoverOrg advocate because we see value. I'm really looking at are we getting the return on our investment? Is it making us better at marketing and sales? Are we actually getting responses and engagement with the people that we reach out to?"