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DiscoverOrg is a best-in-class sales intelligence platform that helps sales, marketing and staffing professionals sell smarter and more effectively.



The robust DiscoverOrg platform enables sales professionals to easily access the right contacts and context to significantly contribute to the bottom line.


Our datasets contain accurate and comprehensive intel on the IT, Finance and Marketing decision makers at some of the world’s leading companies.


DiscoverOrg seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Marketo and other leading sales and marketing platforms for added value and convenience.

Opportunity Alerts

The OppAlerts product provides insight into the online behavior of targeted prospects, identifying and verifying purchase intent earlier in the buying cycle.

Proud Accomplishments

Selling without DiscoverOrg = running without shoes. I always have it open and NEVER make a cold call as a result.

William K., Condusiv Technologies

In Staffing Services, our business is built on relationships and ability to network. This tool has helped tremendously in getting to the right contact. DiscoverOrg is the Jedi Master of sales intelligence tools on the market.

Praneet F., Search Services

It's nice knowing I can rely on a tool for excellent information when I need it. Being accurate and up to date gives DiscoverOrg a clear competitive advantage, and is the reason why it is my go-to tool.

David J., Varonis

For marketing, we are easily able to enrich our SFDC contacts with quality information that helps us do better segmenting and targeting.

Cari J., Paxata

The platform allowed me to maintain top ranking within my current sales organization which I directly attribute to DiscoverOrg.

Keith B., Safari Books Online

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Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing Study by DiscoverOrg

Outbound Marketing Study

How are companies actually using outbound marketing? DiscoverOrg surveyed sales and marketing professionals from B2B organizations about their current marketing strategies.

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Research & Reports

Fortune 500 Chief Information Security Officer List

Did you know that only 204 companies in the Fortune 500 even have an employee with the title of Chief Information Security Officer?

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High Cost of Bad Data ebook DiscoverOrg

The High Cost of Bad Data

Data quality is too often not considered a critical success factor in prospecting. More often, sales and marketing professionals tend to focus on the big stuff.

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Our Blog
Sales Taco Analogy | DiscoverOrg

Why Sales Is Like a Taco

No matter where the idea originated, for several months the analogy of “sales is like a taco” has stuck in my head like a delicious kernel of elote.

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About DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is the leading sales intelligence platform that helps sales, marketing, and staffing professionals sell smarter and more effectively. DiscoverOrg's extensive datasets provide the contacts and context necessary to identify prime opportunities and access decision makers within the IT, Finance, and Marketing departments of Fortune-Ranked, Mid-Market, and SMB companies in North America and Europe.