There are a lot of companies hocking questionable B2B account and contact data out there. But there’s only one that has built a data-filled growth engine for sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals.

For more than a decade, DiscoverOrg has connected growthbound companies directly to their ideal prospects, creating a fast track to decision makers by providing direct-dial phone numbers, verified email addresses, and department level org charts. We predict who is most likely to buy, save countless hours of grind, and reveal the context necessary to nail the pitch every time.


How much is bad lead data costing you? What’s it worth to fix it?

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Accuracy-Obsessed Since Day One

When Henry Schuck founded DiscoverOrg in 2007, he didn’t have deep pockets or venture capital. He and co-founder Kirk Brown launched their dream with a pile of credit cards and the goal of becoming the world’s leading marketing and sales intelligence provider.

Henry and Kirk understood early on that when it comes to contact data, accuracy is king. And seeing that technology alone was not enough to verify data quality, they hired a research team to ensure top-notch QA. When Henry and Kirk pitched their model to a then-major rival in the hope of combining forces, they got laughed out of the room. Ten years later, DiscoverOrg became the solution to beat… and ended up acquiring not one, but two competitors in the process.

Today, we’ve filled our ranks with hundreds of DiscoverOrg researchers, supported by a proprietary combination of technology, tools, and integrations. We continually deliver the highest quality B2B data available anywhere, period. Henry and Kirk’s vision of becoming the world’s most accurate, actionable prospecting database is now a reality and is even backed by an unrivaled 95% accuracy guarantee.

The Platform Winners Count On

No matter how big your business or what your growth goals look like, DiscoverOrg can help you finally hit elusive numbers and breeze past the competition. With an ever-expanding database and constantly refreshed buying intel from our DiscoverOrg Research & Data Teams, our data gives you a direct connection to decision-makers and the insights to nail your pitch.


From boosting your team’s productivity and morale to improving pipeline velocity and win rates, good data drives revenue. It’s a win-win.

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Junk leads, in-depth prospect research, CRM data clean-up - you don’t got time for that. Spend more time selling. And winning. So much winning.

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Marketing & Demand Generation

Source, segment, engage, and qualify the right contacts and accounts – to produce more leads and pipeline than sales ever thought possible.

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Sales &

Standardize, enrich, and automatically clean your contact data - within the sales and marketing systems you use today. Done and done.

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With access to millions of qualified professionals and verified contact data, finding and reaching that purple squirrel just became a breeze.

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The Awards Keep on Coming

Year after year, we’ve hauled in accolades for performance, quality, customer satisfaction, workplace culture, and — of course — unprecedented growth.



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