Platform Features

Sales and marketing teams need direct paths to the right decision makers. Accurate names, contact info, and role and responsibility data are crucial, but only the first step. Sales and marketing professionals also need context to evaluate prospects, nurture leads, and close sales.

Actionable Sales and Marketing Contact Data

The DiscoverOrg platform is a game-changer for sales, marketing, and staffing professionals. The feature-rich sales intelligence platform is supported by 100+ in-house researchers who continually update and refresh contact data and account-specific insight to help sales and marketing teams break ahead of the pack.

Key features of the DiscoverOrg sales intelligence platform include:

In-Depth Org Charts

discoverorg org charts for marketing and sales professionalsWith up-to-date prospect Org Charts, sales reps are armed with the names, positions and areas of responsibility of the company’s leadership structure before they make contact. They can also identify key decision makers with pinpoint accuracy. If the prospect needs to “run it up the flagpole,” the sales team will know exactly who they need to talk to inside the company.

Verified Direct Dials

discoverorg direct dials

Over 96% of the contacts in DiscoverOrg have a direct-dial phone number. This means that sales reps can bypass the switchboard and get straight to their prospect’s desk, saving time and increasing credibility.

Continuous Data Refresh

DiscoverOrg eliminates the risk of purchasing static prospect lists. In-house data analysts update sales and marketing contact data every 90 days, ensuring ongoing data integrity and enabling sales teams to focus on what matters ─ selling. 


discoverorg real time triggers

Be the first to know when a prospect’s priorities suddenly change. Whether it’s a leadership move, an acquisition, a vendor switch, or a new initiative ─ this valuable information helps sales and marketing professionals know when to make the call and how to frame the conversation. Real-time, actionable information is the foundation of smarter selling.

Technology Install Base

discoverorg Technology Install Base

Providing categorized intelligence on the installed technology base at each company, DiscoverOrg shows sales teams the legacy solutions they are competing against before they have to ask. Further, if the use of a complementary vendor signals a higher chance of a sale, sales reps can take advantage of compatibilities by using the technology stack filters. From Oracle E-Business Suite to Riverbed WAN Optimization, we cover the full technology spectrum across our databases.

Aerial View

Discoverorg Ariel View for Contacts

Whether planning an event or canvassing a specific geographic area within a territory, DiscoverOrg’s Aerial View feature allows sales and marketing teams to easily view the physical locations of top accounts and promising prospects. 

Mobile Optimized Site

discoverorg mobile application

With its intuitive interface, the DiscoverOrg mobile optimized site allows sales, marketing, and staffing professionals to access the power of real-time sales intelligence on the go.

Bulk Match

discoverorg paste n go tool

The Bulk Match function allows users to build a list of complete records based off of a single, existing data point. Match by company name, domain, SIC codes, DUNS, zip code or email addresses to identify accounts or contacts that fit your criteria. 


DiscoverOrg’s accurate sales and marketing contact data can also live in existing CRM or marketing automation platforms. Whether appending data automatically or being imported into current systems, the data can be easily accessed where sales and marketing teams already spend their time for easy adoption.

discoverorg crm and marketing integration
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