About Us

DiscoverOrg has been a pioneer in the marketing and sales intelligence software space since 2007.

Designed to reduce the time-to-direct-connection with targeted prospects, our platform improves the performance of all prospecting efforts by providing both the contacts and context needed to sell and market more effectively.

From IT reliability software startups and enterprise market research organizations to cloud-based collaboration providers and fast-growing startups, DiscoverOrg helps companies across all verticals and stages fill their pipelines and improve their bottom lines.

DiscoverOrg’s marketing and sales intelligence software is tailored to the needs of three types of professionals:


discoverorg salesWe help sales teams unearth new sales opportunities, connect directly with decision makers and prepare for first conversations with hot prospects.


discoverorg marketingThe DiscoverOrg platform sources ideal contacts for outbound marketing and further qualifies the leads captured from inbound channels.


discoverorg staffingWith our Scoops, DiscoverOrg provides clear visibility to leadership changes and spending initiatives that can trigger hiring chain reactions.

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© 2018 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved
© 2018 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved