Never Miss an Opportunity Again

What if the sales team could automatically receive sales opportunity alerts about a prospect’s purchase intent at the exact moment it is happening? With DiscoverOrg’s OppAlerts, sales and marketing professionals get real-time insights about the online consumption activities of hot leads and prospects.


How DiscoverOrg’s OppAlerts Works

DiscoverOrg's sales intelligence provides opp alerts for sales opportunitiesDiscoverOrg’s OppAlerts is a predictive analytics tool that tells sales teams when companies are planning to buy a product or service. Here’s how it works:

  1. Analyze. OppAlerts analyzes the online activities of millions of buyers at thousands of companies to accurately forecast purchase intent.
  2. Identify. OppAlerts’ Top Content Consumers Dashboard identifies organizations that are consuming an uncharacteristic amount of content in a target market or related topic of interest.
  3. Validate. Human-verified research validates every opportunity that OppAlerts algorithms predict, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

The DiscoverOrg OppAlerts Advantage

With OppAlerts from DiscoverOrg, sales and marketing teams see opportunities at the beginning of the buying cycle. OppAlerts provides detailed information for a range of market segments, including:

  • Big data and business intelligence
  • Business applications
  • Collaboration
  • Data centers
  • Information security
  • Marketing automation
  • Mobility and telecom
  • Networking
  • Storage
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