Marketing Integrations

DiscoverOrg’s marketing software integrations empower marketing teams that need to bolster the performance of campaigns with better data, but don’t want to change protocol or learn to use new software.

The Power of Marketing Software Integrations

When connected to DiscoverOrg’s marketing and sales intelligence database, even the best marketing software gets better. Leveraging the platform’s webhooks functionality, only a name and an email address are required for DiscoverOrg to append the remaining data from inbound forms.

Webhooks automate the marketing process, allowing users to effortlessly transfer data between applications or systems. If a lead or account exists in the DiscoverOrg database, all available fields from DiscoverOrg can be automatically appended back to Marketo and Hubspot.

The DiscoverOrg intelligence database integrates with leading marketing software platforms, including:


In addition to our full integrations, DiscoverOrg also offers an app, for Salesforce, to manage your data from within Salesforce. Interested in this app or looking for additional integrations options? Request a demo with one of our account executives to see if we have a solution for your data sharing needs.

DiscoverOrg integrates seamlessly with marketing automation tools like Marketo & Hubspot.Request a Demo
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© 2017 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved