Line of Business Datasets

DiscoverOrg Datasets contain the most accurate and robust sales and marketing intelligence available in the market – gathered and updated through our proprietary combination of technology, tools, and integrations and then human-verified by our research team before publishing. Every record is updated at least every 60 days, which allows us to guarantee a level of accuracy no other data provider can deliver.

Our Datasets for specific lines of business go beyond the basic contact info provided by most sales and marketing contact databases. Every company profiled includes a detailed org chart for the department, department budgets, a full list of installed technology, current and planned initiatives or projects, and intent signals.

Each contact record also includes details about the individual’s job responsibilities, direct reports, and direct contact information. With DiscoverOrg Datasets, sales and marketing teams benefit from key insights across multiple departments:

IT Datasets

Our IT Datasets contain updated information on companies across a range of IT sectors.

  • Enterprise IT
  • Mid-market IT
  • SMB IT
  • Government & Educational IT
  • European Dataset

Marketing Dataset

DiscoverOrg’s Marketing Dataset covers marketing buyers, including the CMO and those responsible for digital marketing, e-commerce, lead generation, advertising, and more.

Finance Dataset 

DiscoverOrg’s Finance Dataset includes the finance department of companies throughout the US, including Fortune 1000, Forbes 400 and S&P 500 companies. Individuals profiled in the Finance Dataset include company CFOs, corporate controllers, and the directors of financial planning & analysis.

Sales Dataset

The sales department is becoming an emerging buying center – the YoY increase in sales enablement tools is indicative of this department joining the ranks of IT, marketing, and finance purchasing authority. In 2015 alone, there were 350 companies and products in the SalesTech industry with $9.7 billion invested in venture capital and 27 billion-dollar companies. As this market rapidly expands, our Sales Dataset provides access to intelligence on key sales decision-makers at growing companies looking to invest in these new technologies and services.

Technology, Engineering, Design, and Development (TEDD) Dataset

The TEDD Dataset offers company insight, reporting structures, and hand-verified contact information on executive-level buyers in companies who work on consumer-facing external technologies, products, or services such as software-hardware development.

The Startup & SMB Dataset

Selling to startups and small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) is tough. Roles and contact information are hard to find, change constantly – and it’s hard to tell mom-and-pop shops from growing startups. Insight into real startup opportunities enables sales and marketing teams to make timely connections with decision makers when new funding is available, new leaders arrive, and purchasing decisions are made.

C-Level Executive (CXO) Dataset

Over the last 20 years, the number of executive titles has risen from 5 to 10. DiscoverOrg’s CXO dataset profiles individuals with “Chief” in their title and ensures the ability to connect with executive staff needed to fast-track purchases and influence the buying committee.

Human Resources (HR) Dataset

DiscoverOrg’s HR Dataset equips those selling to HR, recruiting, and staffing professionals by providing detailed contact information on Mid-Market and Enterprise companies. Reach leaders seeking solutions to virtually source candidates and understand metrics like turnover, diversity, and compliance as well as those looking to streamline processes and drive innovation through technology.

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© 2017 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved