DiscoverOrg for Marketing Professionals

Your company is counting on you to generate a steady stream of hot leads for the sales team. As a marketing professional, you know that great marketing campaigns start with great data. But without the right information, you can’t build segmented prospect lists, improve deliverability rates or grow the number of qualified leads you send to the sales team.

Closing the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Great marketing campaigns start with great data. But without accurate and complete information, marketers can’t build segmented prospect lists, improve deliverability rates, or grow the number of qualified leads they send to the sales team.

DiscoverOrg delivers constantly verified intelligence to source highly qualified leads for outbound marketing ─ and to further qualify incomplete leads generated by inbound marketing programs. With great data in place, marketing campaigns are more effective, leads are more qualified, and it is much easier to show ─ not just tell ─ ROI on marketing spend.

Using DiscoverOrg data, marketers are able to easily identify great fit prospects, personalize messages based on complete lead records, and determine the best time to reach out to decision makers.

Benefits of the DiscoverOrg Platform for Marketers

Qualified Leads for Outbound Programs

discoverorg qualified leads for outbound programsUnlike static email marketing lists, the DiscoverOrg database is constantly refreshed at least every 90 days to guarantee accuracy. Marketers can pull an unlimited number of micro-targeted lists for outbound programs with confidence, knowing the data is accurate and up-to-date. Searches can be filtered by job function, seniority level, industry, geography, and even specific technology install bases.

More Efficient & Effective Account-Based Marketing

discoverorg more efficient and effective account-based marketingMarketers can plug their target accounts into DiscoverOrg to identify key contacts for specific marketing campaigns or receive alerts on prime opportunities for targeted outreach. Account-Based Marketing programs – like sending a direct mail piece to the new CIO or setting up a display advertising campaign that targets director-level contacts – are simplified with DiscoverOrg.

Improved Performance of Marketing Campaigns

discoverorg improved performance of marketing campaignsMarketing programs achieve better results with good data. Verified and current email addresses produce improved deliverability. Complete lead records allow for deep segmentation for hyper-targeted messaging and increased response rates. It’s that simple.

Pass Qualified Leads to Sales Faster

discoverorg pass qualified leads to sales fasterThrough integration with Marketo and HubSpot, DiscoverOrg can append lead data immediately. Incomplete lead records – such as short online forms or badge scans from a trade show – can be automatically updated to include any number of data points from DiscoverOrg’s intelligence. With instantly comprehensive lead records, marketers are able to score and qualify leads faster and identify ideal fit prospects earlier.

Automated Database Maintenance

discoverorg automated database managementEvery record in the DiscoverOrg database is refreshed at least every 90 days by an in-house research team. Integrations with Marketo and Hubspot enable marketing pros to push specific data automatically from the DiscoverOrg platform, updating and appending contact records with accurate and updated information.