DiscoverOrg for Sales Professionals

Sales reps have two choices:

  1. Call thousands of companies looking for someone who will listen to an elevator pitch;
  2. Or call ten companies where they’re well-informed about the decision maker, current initiatives, and online content consumption.

It’s a no-brainer. Savvy sales pros will always choose the second option knowing that they have a better chance of making the sale with the additional context.

Sell with Confidence

DiscoverOrg shortens the time it takes to identify new opportunities by connecting the sales team to ready and willing buyers based on trigger events or identified purchase intent. Even better, the DiscoverOrg platform delivers detailed insights about upcoming projects, the individuals responsible for their deployment, and existing circumstances so sales reps can tailor the pitch to the needs of each prospect.

Instead of grinding through the day, making cold calls and getting blocked by gatekeepers, sales reps can just pick up the phone feeling confident that they’re on track to close the next deal.

Benefits of the DiscoverOrg Platform for Sales Professionals

Reduced Prospect Research Time

discoverorg_reduced-prospect-research-timeGreat sales reps achieve trust and credibility from initial contact through researching their targets to gain some insight into the prospect’s current circumstances. The DiscoverOrg platform provides a one-stop resource for learning prospects’ detailed job responsibilities, direct reports, and current initiatives – enabling sales professionals to tailor the conversation to the individual’s specific needs.

360º View into Target Accounts

discoverorg 360 view into target accountsEvery company profile includes the detailed Org Charts of the entire IT, Marketing or Finance department. A complete list of technologies installed, budgets, leadership changes, and new projects are also outlined, allowing sales reps to pinpoint selling opportunities and ideal fit prospects with ease.

Direct Access to Decision Makers

discoverorg direct access to decision makers through sales organization chartsDiscoverOrg takes the frustration out of connecting with key stakeholders by identifying not only who they are, but also providing direct contact information. Almost all of the contacts profiled include direct dial phone numbers and verified email addresses, eliminating common roadblocks to accessing decision makers.

Easily Expand and Upsell Existing Accounts

discoverorg easily expand and upsell existing accountsWith DiscoverOrg, sophisticated account executives can subscribe to Triggers to receive updates on leadership changes or spending initiatives at target accounts – providing a strategic reason to reach out. Triggers can also keep sales reps updated on new contacts added or removed from managed accounts.

Prime Opportunities Delivered to Your Inbox

discoverorg prime real time trigger opportunities delivered to your inboxDiscoverOrg’s sales intelligence software features Triggers and Opportunity Alerts that alert sales teams to prime selling opportunities – filling their pipeline and giving sales reps important insights that can inform the content and timing of conversations.

Qualified Leads in an Instant

discoverorg qualified leads in an instantInside Sales teams can easily pull lists of prospects that meet the exact criteria of an ideal fit – searching by job function, seniority, location and even current technology stack. Each record is refreshed at least every 90 days so those direct dial phone numbers and email addresses are all up to date.